Maptek Corporate Values

  1. Customer Focus:  Maptek views our customer’s success as our reward; we put the interests of the client first and foremost.
  2. Leadership:  Maptek maintains a focus on leadership in our industry, leadership in developing and supporting our products and services, and developing essential leadership skills in our staff.
  3. Quality: Maptek focuses on continuous improvement and ongoing learning through achieving the highest standards of excellence in our people, products and performance.
  4. Integrity: Maptek conducts business with uncompromising integrity. We accept responsibility for our actions and take the high road by choosing the ethical and moral path.
  5. Value Human Relationships and foster a Great Place to Work:  Maptek treats its staff with respect, trust, and dignity by assisting and inspiring them to attain their full potential consistent with the company’s goals. We communicate in an open, honest, and direct manner with one another. We provide recognition, reward employee accomplishments, and strive to foster a diverse workplace staffed with engaged employees.
  6. Great Corporate Citizenship: At Maptek we strive to be a valued asset to the local, regional and global community.

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