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Vulcan Webinar – Vulcan Explorer and Implicit Modelling - August 14, 2014

Exploration projects have time constraints, limited budgets and staff shortages. To help manage these roadblocks, Vulcan exploration software is now available with implicit modelling for a limited time.

Maptek Webinar: Drill and blast design using Vulcan and I-Site - July 2, 2014

Discover how to quickly transform raw survey data to a deliverable blast design within 30 minutes using Vulcan software and the I-Site laser scanning system.

Training Webinar – Ensuring valid triangulations in Vulcan - May 18, 2014

Valid triangulations are a vital part of design and modeling. Learn what a valid triangulation is, what issues may arise from non-validity, tips for manipulation and how to avoid and resolve problematic situations.

PerfectDig Webinar – Rapidly compare excavations against designs - April 22, 2014

Maptek PerfectDig is an easy-to-use system for rapidly evaluating design conformance. It allows users to quickly compare as-builts with designs and fosters real-time decision making.

Training Webinar – Vulcan Plotting Tips and Tricks - March 31, 2014

The Batch Plotting interface allows flexibility to create either simple plots or complex, highly-customized plots. This quick training session will help you easily generate fence diagrams or unfolded ramps.

Training Webinar – Cell Declustering in Vulcan - January 28, 2014

Debiasing data is an important step towards accurately estimating the value of a resource. Watch to learn the ins and outs of sample weighting and defining a target global distribution.

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