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Webinar: Drillhole Planning Basics - March 23, 2017

Explore the legacy options and new enhancements for planning drillholes in Vulcan 10. Holistically utilise assay data, geologic solids and resource models to get the most out of your drill programs.

Webinar: Vulcan Time-Saving Tools: Feature Editor - February 24, 2017

Save time during the design and modelling process with these simple Feature methods in Vulcan. Learn how to create, use and apply Features to increase productivity.

Webinar: Evolution Scheduling Solution - January 20, 2017

Learn how Maptek’s newest open pit scheduling solution can help save costs, answer “what if” scenarios, and optimize schedules on a block by block basis. This webinar illustrates how you can use Evolution and genetic

Webinar: Vulcan 10 Block Model Viewing Tools - December 15, 2016

Technical Services Manager Michaela Crum presents some tips and tricks for working with existing Vulcan Block Models in Vulcan 10. Learn different methods of viewing block models, inquiring block models, and

Webinar: Vulcan & Workbench User Forum - November 22, 2016

Hear about our top tools in Vulcan 10 and Workbench as well as answers to user questions. Learn about Open Pit Solids, Automated Pit Designer, Vulcan Data Analyser, Eureka and Workbench integration, new

Webinar: Vulcan New Section Viewing Tools - November 17, 2016

Geologist Anne Gauer outlines new section viewing tools added to Vulcan 10. These tools will allow specific section attributes and show how to generate and use a set list of sections. The new tools help streamline workflows when constantly working in section views.

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