Z+F Imager Scanners

Short Range High Accuracy Laser Scanner

Z+F Short Range High Accuracy Laser Scanner

The Z+F scanner has been specifically designed to capture small areas in extremely high detail with great accuracy. Featuring ultra high-speed data acquisition of more than 1 million points per second, this portable all-in-one scanner is ideal for forensic or investigative applications, plant and industrial surveying, architectural and tunnelling/underground applications.

Compatible with I-Site Forensic and I-Site Studio.


  • Portable and compact unit
  • Scan control, data storage and battery built in
  • Range of up to 360m (phase based technology)
  • Low scan noise
  • Extended temperature conditions (-10C to 45C)
  • Wireless control via computer, iPhone, PDA
  • Fast data acquisition of over 1 million points per second
  • Various resolutions for specific applications to improve workflow
  • High resolution camera for full 360-degree 3D imagery


  • Forensic or investigative survey
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Plant or industrial survey for pipe and infrastructure modelling
  • Tunnelling and underground survey
  • Large mill scanning for determining liner wear
  • Industrial deformation analysis
  • Architecture or heritage survey