Vulcan 8.2

Discover Vulcan 8.2

Vulcan 8.2 - Bigger, Better, Faster

Maptek Vulcan is the world’s premier 3D mining software solution for all stages of the mining life cycle. For more than 30 years Vulcan has been used and trusted by mines worldwide.

Vulcan 8.2, provides users with the ability to design, transform, evaluate, and forecast data like never before. Explore new features and updates such as access to more memory on 64-bit operating systems that allows larger datasets to be managed, an improved user interface, and tools for creating mine designs with increased speed and accuracy.


  • Colour Palette - Design with more than 16 million colours from 256 indexed colour palettes.
  • 64-bit Memory - Load and manage large designs, grids, triangulations, and block models.


  • Support Analysis - Predict and validate resource block models with ease.
  • CSV Import Option - Import and export CSV files into databases from existing platforms or templates.


  • Rapid Pit Design - User-friendly and time-efficient strategic pit design.
  • Chronos - Explore scheduling enhancements that are up to 10x faster.