I-Site Consulting

I-Site Consulting Services offer a full range of laser scanning services using I-Site laser scanners and I-Site Studio 3D software. Deliverables are client specific and include point cloud processing, triangulations, sections, contours, and volume calculations.

Field Survey

Vulcan Explorer

Maptek Consulting Services will survey your site and generate up-to-date topographic maps. Maptek I-Site laser scanners can be set up on a tripod or on a vehicle for efficient survey results. The team will also use Maptek I-Site Studio for filtering and registering your data, as well as create output as triangulated surfaces, contours or volume calculations.

Geological and Highwall Mapping

Vulcan CAD

Scan highwalls safely and easily while acquiring imagery to create a detailed 3D model for geological mapping. The inbuilt camera of the Maptek I-Site 8800 series laser scanners allows you to capture high resolution photographs at the same time as scanning. Acquire strike and dip information on jointsets, and map contact zones of geological features quickly and easily. Training is available on site to demonstrate tools and techniques for analysing data.

Stockpile Measurements

Vulcan SurveyorObtain accurate volumes of indoor and outdoor stockpiles with Maptek I-Site laser scanners. I-Site Studio software is ideal for generating 3D models and accurate volumes to reconcile stockpile materials. Maptek can help you to complete site survey tasks safely, accurately and efficiently to meet reporting and contractor deadlines.

Open Pit Survey

Vulcan ModellerCarry out efficient pit surveys for daily, end-of-month and quarterly reporting using Maptek I-Site laser scanning technology. I-Site Studio workflow allows for fast and efficient updates of pit surfaces. Other applications include pre- and post blast survey, geotechnical analysis and optimising equipment loads. I-Site Consulting can conduct scans and process data, as well as demonstrate effective survey workflows.

Underground Survey

Vulcan Mine PlanningCollect point cloud data representing spatially correct 360 degree, 3D records of scenes such as tunnels and voids with Maptek I-Site technology. Calculate volumes between surfaces, within voids and between solids, and construct complex 3D models. Register, model and extract CAD data from surveyed drives, as well as view and map development headings using I-Site Void software. Maptek can help you capture and process data for all underground mining applications.

Forensic Applications

Vulcan GIS ExplorerAcquire and process forensic data with the help of our Consulting team. I-Site Forensic software provides the tools for registering scans, manipulating and modelling data, while the 3D environment allows you to interrogate and view data from any angle.