Maptek's exploration solution provides 3D visualisation, modelling and design tools to help you maximise use of all of your historical, drilling and assay data, and to accurately calculate the NPV (Net Present Value) of a potential operation.

Data Visualisation

Developing an accurate 3D model is essential for understanding your deposit. Maptek's 3D visualisation tools have long set the standard in 3D modelling software and have been - and continue to be - used in successful mining operations around the world. Maptek Vulcan and I-Site provide unparalleled 3D visualisation tools for mine exploration projects allowing you to analyse historical data and develop detailed 3D models.

Maptek's data visualisation solution includes

Resource Definition and Estimation

Accurately defining resources is critical for raising capital from shareholders or management. Once the historical and new data have been collated and modelled, the next stage is to look at the resources. At many sites the resource definition is performed to determine the viability of a project for continuation or to progress to a feasibility study.

Maptek's Resource Definition and Estimation solution includes