Mine Operation

Developing an operational mine is a costly and involved process. Refining your geological model and associated reserves and resources, defining your short and long-term plans and scheduling your operations to ensure your mine will be as profitable as possible is essential. Maptek's unparalleled expertise, industry leading tools and experienced consultants give you the best chance to plan a successful operation.

Mine Scheduling

Proper scheduling of the sequences of your mine design is critical for maximising your efficiency and profit. Maptek has developed a set of scheduling tools and best-practice methodology ensure your open pit or underground scheduling is accurate.

Maptek's Mine Scheduling solution includes:


Whether you are giving a presentation to a mine manager or to investors, having accurate reporting data is essential. Maptek's decades of experience and robust, easy to use reporting products help give you the confidence you need to stand behind your data.

Maptek's Reporting solution includes:

  • BlastLogic - Blast accuracy management system for tracking and reporting on drill and blast operations
  • Consulting Services - Skilled professionals able to set up and optimise your reporting needs
  • I-Site Laser Scanning Technology - High accuracy laser scanning tools for reconciliation of production volumes and material movement

Grade Control

Are you sure which material is ore and which is waste? Having accurate grade control data helps ensure that you're mining the right areas to maximise profit and minimise waste.

Maptek's Grade Control solution includes:


Having good, reliable data is important for a mine's success. But being able to analyse that data, understand if everything went according to plan (or not) and feed that knowledge back into your plan is critical. Maptek's expert consultants and industry-leading software give you the tools you need to understand and report on what happened and to determine how you can improve.

Maptek's Reconciliation solution includes: