Mine Planning Solutions

Whether you are developing long-term or day-to-day operating plans, you need to know what is possible, where and when to mine. Maptek tools allow you to confidently model your resource, design your mine and keep your information up to date.


Increase drill and blast accuracy by harnessing automated validation and design tools. Refine blast designs based on data from drill guidance systems, field survey and post blast evaluation and improve blast performance and mineral recovery.


Vulcan mine planning tools are customised for hard rock and stratigraphic applications. Pit optimisation tools streamline the creation of optimum mine plans. Validate designs for a safer mine and test mining scenarios on the desktop before mining begins. Advanced grid, block modelling and grade estimation tools provide a complete toolset for successful mine development.


Software and hardware technology for mapping, design and reconciliation tasks. Update pit surfaces as excavation progresses. Map and model underground drives and stopes.


Monitor and analyse excavation accuracy to support planning through rapid design conformance feedback. Complete QA/QC in near real time and share reports with stakeholders. Quickly identify safety issues and maximise machinery efficiency.

Operational Stages