Mine Planning

Whether you are developing long-term or day-to-day plans for your mine you need to know what is possible, where and when to mine. Maptek's mine planning solution gives you the tools needed to plan, model, design your potential mine.

Feasibility Studies

Is this mine going to be profitable? How much money will it make over its lifetime? What is the NPV of this mine? Answering questions like these is essential when developing a feasibility study. Maptek has the products and experience needed to conduct a feasibility study and further the decision making process.

Maptek's Feasibility Study Solution includes:

Geological Modelling and Resource Estimation

Defining (and refining) your model is essential to understanding what is possible at your site. Maptek's 3D geological capabilities are the most widely used tools for optimising a mine plan. Our advanced grid and block modelling and grade estimation tools provide a complete toolset for successful mine planning.

Maptek's Geological Modelling and Resource Estimation solution includes:

Mine Design

You have your 3D model, now what? Maptek's Mine Design tools provide the ability to consider the geology of your site and design an optimal mine plan to ensure profitability.

Maptek's Mine Design solution includes:

Open Pit Planning Tools

Underground Planning Tools