Online Training

Online Training is flexible and cost-effective. Small blocks of time away from other responsibilities minimise the impact on your productive working hours. Learn a skill and immediately apply it to your own data.

Online Training allows managers to ensure staff learn relevant skills while saving on the expenses associated with instructor-led training. Online courses can be accessed any time of day on any day of the week. Courses are available for 60 days from enrolment.

Task specific modules are divided into several short video lessons. You can choose to take the course sequentially, focus on a module that highlights a critical job skill, or learn a just-in-time solution from a single video.

There are plenty of opportunities to practice new skills, either with provided training data or data from your own deposit. Each module ends with a knowledge check to test your understanding. You will be required to undertake an exam to receive a certificate of completion.

Features and benefits

  • Skills relevant and useful to your job
  • Flexibility to suit your schedule
  • Immediately apply knowledge to your projects
  • Short videos for fast, just-in-time learning

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Current Courses

Getting Started with Orebody Modelling

This course covers common tasks in orebody modelling. It is suitable for Geologists using Vulcan in metalliferous deposits at both underground and open pit operations. Content is covered in eight modules.


  • Welcome, overview of topics
  • Introduction to triangulations in Vulcan
  • Create a triangulation surface
  • Validate triangulations
  • Create a triangulation solid
  • Common workflow solutions
  • Triangulate complex shapes
  • Repair triangulations


Quick Triangulation Solutions
FREE until 17 November 2017

This course is suitable for Geologists and Mining Engineers using Vulcan. It provides quick solutions to common triangulation tasks.

You will learn to:

  • Calculate a reserve estimate without a block model
  • Generate a plan view footprint of orebody extents
  • Create bench strings from a triangulation solid
  • Extrapolate separate surfaces from an existing triangulation solid