Advanced Open Pit Mine Planning Course

20-22 March 2017

Create more profitable mine designs and schedules using Maptek Vulcan

Dates, location and cost

When: 20-22 March 2017
Where: 30 Tungsgate Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe
Price: US$950
Focus: Mine Design in Non-Stratigraphic Open Pit Mines


Captain Mohlake
Maptek Technical Services Coordinator
Brilliance Mabhena
Maptek Technical Services Manager

Who should take this course?

Ideal for mining engineers, mine planners and supervisors with experience in using Maptek Vulcan software.

What you will learn

  • Optimal pit scenarios - Learn how to rapidly create multiple optimal pit scenarios with Pit Optimiser
  • Multiple-ramp designs - Discover the best tools to create designs with multiple ramps
  • Multiple-slope designs - Learn the quickest way to create operational designs with multiple slopes
  • Phases and dumps - Master the processes for creating multiple pit phases and dumps
  • Mine design evaluation - Learn how to perform both quantitative and volumetric evaluation of designs
  • Fast design evaluation - Find out how to speed up strategic mine design evaluation with our Rapid Pit Design tool
  • Calculate reserves - Learn how to calculate reserves from a block model against final pit design