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BlastLogic OData Service

The BlastLogic OData Service provides a flexible way to access and distribute drill and blast data, allowing users to build custom reports, benchmark across multiple mines and interface data from BlastLogic to third-party clients.

Introducing 3D Geological Sculpting

Vulcan 3D Geological Sculpting gives users ultimate interactive control to modify solids and surfaces in freehand mode by pinching and smoothing to better represent geological interpretation.

Introducing Vulcan Grade Control Optimiser

Making decisions on ore and waste is a huge responsibility. Software that automatically defines optimised polygons and runs multiple scenarios saves time and helps prevent (more…)

I-Site Studio and Vulcan data sharing

I-Site Studio and Vulcan data sharing helps maximise resource recovery and increase mine safety through the seamless transfer of data between the programs. (more…)

BlastLogic 2.1 tie-up sheet design and export

View how to design and export tie-up sheets in BlastLogic 2.1 so blast crews can have paper sheets showing how to tie-up the blast. Then see how to export initiation times so they can (more…)

BlastLogic 2.1 tie-up design

BlastLogic 2.1 offers tools to create both pyrotechnic and electronic tie-ups and provide visual feedback on the effectiveness of designs.

Vulcan 10.1 Dragline Module

New functions in Vulcan 10.1 speed up dragline strip design by automating the previously time consuming and repetitive tasks.

Vulcan 10.1 Triangulation Attributes

Enhancements in Vulcan 10.1 expand the capabilities for working with triangulation attributes, making it easier for users to create, assign and view attributes.

Vulcan 10.1 Drill & Blast

Open cut drill & blast upgrades in Vulcan 10.1 enhance manual drill design and significantly reduce the time to create or update a design.

What’s new in Eureka 3

Eureka 3 features new CAD, object attribute and visualisation options alongside upgraded drillhole database speed, simultaneous multiple database handling and level of detail rendering performance.

Introducing Eureka 3

Learn about the new CAD, geodesy and visualisation functionality as well as drillhole database speed, simultaneous multiple database handling and level of detail rendering enhancements available in Eureka 3.

BlastLogic – The Life of Powder Factor

BlastLogic allows users to track and visualise powder factor throughout daily operations.

Sentry trailer hits the road

Maptek offers a transportable solution with Sentry surface monitoring software, a trailer-based mount with remote power and communications systems.

Maptek Company Overview

Maptek has been delivering groundbreaking mining solutions since 1981.

Vulcan 10.1 Drafting Sheet Editor

Drafting Sheet Editor, new in Vulcan 10.1, enables users to quickly and easily create customised drafting sheets.

I-Site stockpile measurement

Maptek I-Site technology provides a safe, fast, accurate and cost-effective solution for stockpile measurement.

Vulcan 10 3D Geological Sculpting

3D Geological Sculpting, new in Vulcan 10, enables users to modify solids in freehand mode by pinching and smoothing to better represent geological interpretation.

I-Site Studio 6.1 coordinate transformation

Automatically transform data between coordinate systems with new tools in I-Site Studio 6.1.

Aegis underground drill & blast software

Intelligently create editable drill and blast patterns for an entire stope in seconds with Aegis next generation underground drill & blast software – now available from Maptek.

Merge Rows for drill and blast in Vulcan 10

Automate complicated free face blast designs 20 times faster with Vulcan 10.

Evolution Phase scheduling

Evolution Phase gives engineers complete control in redefining phase logic, helping them improve the net present and cumulative value of their projects.

Vulcan 10 Principal Component Analysis

The Principal Component Analysis option, new in Vulcan 10, is a technique to quickly transform related geological variables into unrelated principal components and back again.

I-Site Studio 6 offset line tool

The offset line tool, is part of a suite of new CAD tools out now in I-Site Studio 6, allows users to offset lines and polygons by set distances or project to them to the action plane at a specific angle.

BlastLogic automatic explosives loading and validation

Save on explosives and increase fragmentation with adaptive charge plans in BlastLogic. Tablet-based explosives designs change according to depth and material hardness data from your drills.

Vulcan Gantt Scheduler

Vulcan Gantt Scheduler allows users to visualise, design and schedule in a single 3D environment.

Flagging pushbacks in Vulcan 10 for scheduling

Vulcan 10 provides a simple workflow for flagging pushback designs ready for scheduling in Maptek Evolution.

Calculate underground stope volume in I-Site Studio 6

I-Site Studio 6 provides a simple workflow to calculate underground stope volumes from 3D scan data.

Introducing the new Workbench interface

The new Maptek Workbench allows users to access world-leading technical mining solutions on a single, easy-to-use interface.

Evolution rehabilitation scheduling

Maptek Evolution supports dynamic and interactive rehabilitation scheduling.

Vulcan 10 Vein Modelling

Vulcan 10 Vein Modelling introduces a simple workflow for modelling single and multiple veins.

Vulcan 10 Implicit Modelling

Create 3D solids directly from the database in minutes, with Vulcan 10 Implicit Modelling.

Vulcan 10 cutting blocks

Vulcan 10 introduces a new tool to create scheduling blocks by interactively cutting bench polygons into period-based cut polygons.

BlastLogic optimises drill & blast

Track and validate drillholes, complete through-seam blasts and report results daily with mining’s most advanced drill & blast system.

BlastLogic Through-seam Blasting

BlastLogic saves time and maximises revenue by optimising through-seam blasts.

Introducing I-Site Studio 6

Get the best possible results out of your 3D point cloud data with I-Site Studio 6. The latest version of Studio includes complex 3D surface modelling, automated scan registrations, new CAD tools and reporting modules. For more information about I-Site Studio click here.

I-Site Studio 6 Automated Registration

New automated scan registration options are ideal for aligning scans where sensor information such as GPS is absent. For more information about I-Site Studio click here.

I-Site Studio 6 New Action Plane and CAD Tools

New tools allow users to streamline everyday survey and engineering tasks by creating CAD design outlines direct from 3D point cloud data. For more information about I-Site Studio click here.

I-Site Studio 6 Complex 3D Surface Modelling

The new complex 3D surface modelling tool produces a 3D surface that honours the input point cloud. For more information about I-Site Studio click here.

I-Site Studio 6 New and Improved Query Tools

Users can easily and accurately query spot heights, measure gradients and export stockpile volumes for multiple regions with new Query tools. For more information about I-Site Studio click here.

I-Site Studio 6 Reporting Modules

The Conformance and Volume Reporting modules streamline the creation of configurable reports. For more information about I-Site Studio click here.

I-Site Studio 6 Geotechnical Module

The Geotechnical Module includes enhanced functionality for analysing structures and surfaces. For more information about I-Site Studio click here.

I-Site Studio 6 Geological Module

Define geological boundaries to create a coloured geological map from 3D point cloud data with the Geological Module. For more information about I-Site Studio click here.


I-Site Studio 6 Advanced Level of Detail

View the world in a billion points with advanced level of detail. For more information about I-Site Studio 6 click here.

Sentry Stability Monitoring Solution

Maptek movement detection system Sentry showed it was able to provide critical alarms for a wall failure during a trial at Kanmantoo Copper Mine in the Adelaide Hills.

BlastLogic Through-seam Blasting

BlastLogic saves time and maximises revenue by optimising through-seam blasts.


Evolution Epoch

Evolution Epoch is taking optimisation technology developed for mid-to-long-term scheduling into the short-term planning environment.


Vulcan 10 Automated Pit Designer

Vulcan Automated Pit Designer lets you transform optimised block models into mine design contours in a matter of seconds.

Maptek solutions

Maptek provides life of mining technology solutions. Vulcan 10, set for release in March 2016, includes the new Automated Pit Designer, Vulcan Data Analyser and Stratigraphic Faulting option.

Coal seam horizon mapping using Maptek Eureka and I-Site Studio

You can accurately identify coal seam horizons using the MWD (Measurement-While-Drilling) and LAS drillhole functionality in Maptek Eureka and use I-Site Studio geological mapping tools to create an exact surface which enables precise Drill and Blast planning.

Vulcan Split Pit Solids

The Split Pit addition to the Vulcan 10 Open Pit menu presents a workflow-based approach to creating scheduling solids. Users are guided through a series of logical steps beginning with a full pit solid, topography and horizon surfaces.

BlastLogic Auto Tie Up

See how quick and easy it is to create a blast plan using the BlastLogic auto-fill echelons feature

Discover BlastLogic – Drillhole Validation

Blast Management Specialist Steven Putt explains how BlastLogic integrates with your drill navigation system to maximise the benefits from GPS drilling data.

Simple block model import for Evolution scheduler

Watch how easy it is to load a Vulcan block model and set up a scheduling project from scratch in Evolution.

I-Site Studio 6 Geotechnical Tools

Learn more about the new geotechnical analysis and modelling tools coming in I-Site Studio 6.

Manage and report stockpile volumes

I-Site solutions help ensure accurate reporting of your stockpile makeup and volume.

I-Site Drive – Data Capture and Processing

See how to capture data on the move and then watch how to import, review and process it.

Discover BlastLogic – Incident Management

See how BlastLogic allows you to focus on resolution and improvement following incidents by storing all site historical drill and blast data in one convenient place.

I-Site – One laser scanner for every survey task

See how I-Site combines rugged hardware and powerful software combine to handle any survey task. Ease of set up, portability, rapid and safe data acquisition, and powerful, in-built processing and modelling tools are hallmarks of I-Site technology.

Introducing Maptek Evolution

Maptek Evolution is a strategic and tactical mine planning tool for scheduling and optimisation in open cut mines. It produces medium, long term and strategic life of mine schedules which reduce operating costs and maximise the value of a deposit.

Discover BlastLogic – Blast Analytics

See how simple analysis of blast parameters in BlastLogic can help identify trends to guide production improvements and reduce risk.

Introducing Maptek Sentry

Maptek Sentry is a mobile, flexible and cost effective solution for detecting surface change, combining an I-Site laser scanner with sophisticated software to track and analyse movement over time.

Vulcan 9.1: A Preview of the New Release

Watch this interview of several key players behind Vulcan 9.1. This latest version introduces many new features that will help boost productivity in mining operations. Learn what will be in the new version and why.

Vulcan Short Term Planner

The Vulcan Short Term Planner module is a collection of scheduling tools designed for open pit mines. It allows engineers to base target and extraction points on information directly from a Vulcan block model, eliminating the need to prepare and pre-process scheduling regions.

Vulcan Stope Optimiser

The Vulcan Stope Optimiser module provides an integrated tool for producing optimised mineable shapes. It processes resource block models to create optimised mineable volumes which are displayed as both polygons and 3D triangulations.

Rapid Pit Design

The Rapid Pit Design tool will appeal to users wanting to quickly evaluate alternative pit scenarios.

Discover BlastLogic – Inventory Management

Learn about the extensive inventory management options available in BlastLogic.

Vulcan Explorer

Vulcan Explorer provides the exploration geologist with a 3D visualisation and modelling environment to test and validate exploration models. It facilitates easy integration of geochemical, geophysical, remotely sensed and geological information into a common environment for analysis and drill targeting.

Vulcan – Discover the Block menu

Explore some of the features and tools in the Block menu of Vulcan that make it to make it easier to work with block models.

Vulcan – Discover the Geology menu

See how tools in the Vulcan Geology menu make it easy to work with geological data while maintaining an accurate database.

Vulcan – Discover the Open Pit menu

Discover Rapid Pit Design, Dump Design and Multi Boolean, features of the Open Pit menu in Vulcan.

Block Modelling in Vulcan

Vulcan Block Modelling tools allow geologists, geostatisticians and mining engineers to accurately create, visualise and manipulate complex block—and sub-block—models based on user-defined block dimensions and sizes.

Vulcan Mine Modeller Open Pit

The Vulcan Open Pit MineModeller provides a complete set of modeling and design tools for open pit mine engineers. This bundle features a complete set of 3D tools for toe/crest, ramp, phase, and dump design along with all of the standard CAD and triangulation tools.

Introducing the I-Site 8820 laser scanner

The I-Site 8820 laser scanner offers increased range, acquisition speed, range accuracy and a new modular design.

I-Site 8820 laser scanner – Built tough

The I-Site 8820 is built tough. Rated IP65, the I-Site 8820 laser scanner is ready to work where you do.

Implicit Modelling in Vulcan

Implicit Modelling  provides resource geologists with a new method for interpreting a deposit by generating automatic models of complex geological domains from drillhole information.

Eureka Radial Basis Function

Discover the Radial Basis Function (RBF) tool in Eureka. RBF is a powerful tool for understanding structurally complex mineral deposits.

Discover BlastLogic – Routine Modelling Tools

Mark Roberts, Manager Blast Accuracy Solutions, provides a quick overview of the routine modelling tools available in BlastLogic. Discover new tools to monitor fragmentation, over pressure and vibration.

Introducing PerfectDig

Comparing ‘scan to plan’ in real time, PerfectDig software brings accuracy and efficiency to mine management.

I-Site 8200 laser scanner

The I-Site 8200 laser scanner is designed for underground survey applications such as measuring voids, drives, tunnels. It also has the versatility to handle interior silo survey and stockpile measurements.

Discover BlastLogic – Blast Modelling Tools

Mark Roberts takes you through the blast modelling tools available in BlastLogic.

I-Site 8200 laser scanner – Versatile. Easy to use. Simple workflow.

The I-Site 8200 is a versatile laser scanning system with the fastest field to finish workflow. The I-Site 8200 laser scanner is equipped to handle any survey task. I-Site Studio software allows you to work with large data sets and produce results quickly.

Coordinating spatial data with Maptek Eureka

Discover the new tool in Eureka that allows users to easily convert spatial data to a preferred, common coordinate system or grid representation.

Eureka Drillhole Tools

The drillhole tools in Maptek Eureka make in-depth exploration quick and easy.

Introducing Maptek Eureka

Maptek Eureka is a dedicated software package designed for exploration. Discover features designed to assess and interpret a range of geospatial data, such as drilling, seismic, gravity and magnetic surveys. Eureka uses a single 3D environment to display all data. View the big picture down to the finest detail.