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Getting Started with Orebody Modelling

Learn best practices for creating triangulations in Vulcan in the Getting Started with Orebody Modelling course, available through Maptek Online Training. Learn more here.

Maptek Online Training

Undertake professional development at your own pace and convenience with easy to access, economical Maptek Online Training. Learn more here.

Training Webinar: Viewing Mineral Exploration Data in Vulcan

Watch this webinar to see how mineral exploration geologists can effectively import a variety of data into Vulcan. By incorporating all of the data in one three-dimensional software, the mineral exploration geologist can truly review the data simultaneously. (more…)

Training Webinar – Vulcan Grade Control tools

Production ore accounting and material inventory are crucial to ore/waste selection, meeting blending requirements, and resource model reconciliation for any mine site. Discover the Vulcan Grade Control workflow in this webinar.

Training Webinar – Ensuring valid triangulations in Vulcan

Valid triangulations are a vital part of design and modeling. Learn what a valid triangulation is, what issues may arise from non-validity, tips for manipulation and how to avoid and resolve problematic situations.

Training Webinar – Vulcan Plotting Tips and Tricks

The Batch Plotting interface allows flexibility to create either simple plots or complex, highly-customized plots. This quick training session will help you easily generate fence diagrams or unfolded ramps.

Training Webinar – Cell Declustering in Vulcan

Debiasing data is an important step towards accurately estimating the value of a resource. Watch to learn the ins and outs of sample weighting and defining a target global distribution.