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The 3 ingredients for robust geologic models: Thought, culture, and tech - July 29, 2020

To create a model with greater accuracy, mine sites need to create a culture with a compromise between technological tools and proper geologic thought. In this webinar, we will discuss the value of applying geologic thought in your modeling process and provide you with recommendations to get there.

Is mapping the basics still worth it? - June 25, 2020

Mapping plays a crucial role in every mining operation and at every stage of the mining cycle. So crucial in fact, that without proper mapping practices, an entire operation could be at risk to fail. This webinar illustrates the connection between mapping lithology, structure, alteration, and mineralization and the success of your operation across the […]

Enhanced narrow vein modelling - June 19, 2020

The nature of narrow vein deposits has traditionally made modelling them a challenge. Enhancements to Maptek Eureka make it easy to rapidly build valid vein solids which can be used in block models for mine planning and reserving. See how the intuitive tools and display allow you to be as interactive and creative as you […]

Open your eyes to the possibilities of Python scripting - June 17, 2020

Using scripting to automate processes or work with large arrays of data is not new, but the perception that Python is complex to set up and run means people may be missing out on the benefits. Discover the benefits of automating repetitive processes and how access to the Vulcan library allows you to interrogate, analyse […]

Processing and modelling workflows for point cloud data – Americas - June 11, 2020

Automated processing of spatial survey data helps generate results fast. See a demonstration of example workflows that can help you work more efficiently and effectively. See more Maptek Forums 2020 here:

Optimise on pit design with Vulcan - June 2, 2020

Understand the value of your deposit without the need to export data to third-party software. See how to automatically generate pit designs with ramps, create pit surfaces and solids, and reserve on-the-fly. Discover a dynamic engineering process that reduces manual work and results in optimal pit designs. See more Maptek Forums 2020 here:

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