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Towards greater certainty in resource modelling - November 25, 2020

Machine learning is already providing breakthroughs in rapid, accurate resource modelling. Now Maptek can reveal the unique ability to record the degree of uncertainty around resource predictions. Learn how being transparent about uncertainty actually improves confidence in your work. A Q&A session from the APAC-Americas session (from 26:45) is followed by the Europe, Middle East […]

How to optimize your drilling program - November 18, 2020

Better drilling results with less total spending is critical. In this webinar, we examine Drillhole Optimiser, a solution to help your geology team easily develop infill drilling plans that maximize resource recovery for a given budget.

The blasted software conundrum: One central system vs. siloed software - November 11, 2020

Join this webinar to learn how one central blast management system outperforms multiple siloed software during the blasting process.

Answering the open pit scheduling challenge - October 29, 2020

Can challenging ourselves to think differently about scheduling pain points provide the key to unlocking new approaches and ultimately success? Our expert panel of mining engineers discuss these issues and more.

Underground design conformance 101 - October 15, 2020

Learn how to improve operational efficiency, productivity and safety by analysing your as-builts for design conformance.

Is geomorphic reclamation better than traditional? - September 16, 2020

This webinar will show you the main reasons why geomorphic reclamation is worth planning for from the onset regardless of topography and operation size. Tune in to find out why geomorphic reclamation is better than traditional reclamation in some cases.

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