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An exploration of grade control - May 28, 2021

Hear from Cesar Carrasco, Customer Success Manager at Maptek, as he explores his favourite grade control tools to help maximise the value of your deposit.

Using drill & blast data to drive intelligent decisions - May 28, 2021

Hear from Sawyer Schrader, Mining Engineer at Maptek, as he demonstrates how to drive intelligent decision making at mine sites by utilising results from a drill and blast management solution […]

Application of DomainMCF to marble quality classification - May 28, 2021

This presentation applies DomainMCF to model the spatial distribution of marble quality parameters from an operational marble quarry in northeastern Greece. Learn how machine learning systems take advantage of the […]

Best practices in grade control and reconciliation - May 28, 2021

Understanding grade distribution, optimising mining selectivity and controlling mining dilution and losses through good grade control routines are essential for achieving the mine plan. Hear from industry experts from SRK […]

British mining renaissance and the future of battery minerals - May 28, 2021

Mineral extraction will play a crucial role in the coming energy transition with demand for lithium projected to rise nearly 1000% by 2050. It is vital that these minerals are […]

Hutton’s Unconformity: The father of geology (now in 3D) - May 28, 2021

James Hutton devoted his scientific knowledge, powers of observation and philosophical mind to the new subject of ‘geology’. Where past theologians had estimated the earth to be thousands of years […]

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