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ASK THE EXPERT / Stope reporting

Find out how Vulcan can generate a report detailing the resource category contained within each stope solid for the thousands of stopes in a life of mine plan. Take advantage of the ability to control visibility and colouring of triangulations for visualisation and reporting.

What's new in Vulcan 10.1

Vulcan 10.1 continues Maptek's mission to deliver multiple applications on the Maptek Workbench. Eureka 4.0 is included in the release, integrating advanced drillhole and spatial analysis tools with Vulcan functionality.

New functionality in Vulcan 10.1 streamlines design and planning, optimises drill & blast and improves reporting and analysis of data.

Preview features in Vulcan 10

Vulcan 10.1 continues Maptek's mission to deliver multiple applications on the Maptek Workbench. Eureka 4.0 is included in the release, integrating advanced drillhole and spatial analysis tools with Vulcan functionality.

New tools and enhancements coming in Vulcan 10 provide users with more control over their technical data. Highlights of the release include a new variogram analysis tool, RBF and uncertainty modelling, and large block model display.

Vulcan uncertainty modelling defines ultimate pit limit

In this presentation Maptek Sales Manager Steve Sullivan outlines the benefits of using simulation to quantify uncertainty in ultimate pit limits and guide infrastructure placement. The method described makes the best use of all project exploration data.

Split pit solids into valid blocks for scheduling

Vulcan 10 is set to be released in March 2016. A new open pit menu item will streamline creation of valid scheduling blocks. The simple workflow presents visual cues at all stages for validation and processes data in half the time!

Exploit all GPS drilling data to validate resource models

Exploiting measurement while drilling (MWD) data captured by drill rig automation systems leads to better modelling. Pressure and torque readings recorded as holes are drilled can be visualised, analysed to give a clearer account of the resource.

ROM HARP modelling delivers the latest in strat mine planning

ROM capability in Vulcan 9.1 takes a HARP model containing all of the geological structures, horizons and associated qualities as input and allows you to easily create ‘mining ready’ HARP models. These tools are included with any Vulcan geological modelling configuration.

Whitepaper / Survey Technology Drives the Future of Mining Data

Technology systems will need to be more interconnected and dynamic than ever before to deliver the agility and flexibility demanded by modern mining. Successful miners of the next 10 years will be those who fully exploit the vast amount of technical data that these systems deliver.

Case Study / Feasibility study delivers optimum pit NPV

Vulcan Pit Optimiser is ideal for assessing the economic value for a coal project and providing a solid basis for detailed design and scheduling work. In this case study accurate mining plans were delivered quickly and on budget.

Conformance reporting delivers timely data for mine planning

Fast, simple design conformance reporting tightens the feedback loop around the excavation process. Everyone can access accurate, up-to-date conformance reports in near real time. This leads to better decision making, more effective use of resources and improved productivity.

Whitepaper / Using Simulation to Quantify Uncertainty in Pit Limits

This paper presented at SME 2015 outlines a workflow for analysing geological, geotechnical and economic uncertainty as it affects the ultimate pit. The outcome is a better understanding of the risks associated with mining projects.

Integrated Haulage Profile provides benefit across your operation

Vulcan Haulage Profile is a powerful mining planning tool. Learn the latest features and improve your skills with this video tutorial covering the Model Route Calculation function.

Whitepaper / Applying Modern Heuristics to Maximising NPV

This paper presented at Orebody Modelling & Mine Planning in 2014 discusses the advantages of various optimisation techniques. It concludes that evolutionary algorithms are agile and easily adaptable, making them suitable for solving complex real world mining problems.

Stratigraphic modelling and batch plotting in Vulcan 9.1

Stratigraphic modelling expert Peter Odins takes a look at the new coal plot batching tool in Vulcan, explains how to use implicit modelling tools for modelling intrusions and strata-form deposits and how to correlate geophysical data in Eureka.

Top features in Vulcan 9.1

Vulcan Technical Services staff nominate their top features in Vulcan 9.1. Handy hints and tips on getting the most from your mining software from our expert Vulcan users.

Track trends in surface movements with Sentry

Mining is an inherently dangerous and risky business. Maptek Sentry is a laser based system for identifying failures before they occur, avoiding risk and improving safety in all types of operations.

Ask the expert…your Vulcan questions answered

Maptek Vulcan experts answer your technical questions with step-by-step explanations of workflows and panel setup to general inquiries. Email questions to