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Claire Avenell, Vulcan Technical Services Consultant, answers two questions with step-by-step videos. Watch to find out the answers (and perhaps learn a few tips and tricks!)

Vulcan Sales Manager, Steve Sullivan, also tackles a question about the Vulcan SDK. Keep reading to see his answer.

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Maptek Customer - How do I avoid losing my toolbars and preferences when I update Vulcan versions or change computer?


Maptek Customer - What are the export options for the Vulcan Geotechnical Toolbox? I need to export some meaningful data for users who do not have this module.


Maptek Customer - Can you tell me more about the SDK available in recent versions of Vulcan?

Steve Sullivan - The Vulcan SDK is a tool kit for third party software developers to integrate their applications with Vulcan data structures.

From a technical perspective, the Vulcan SDK allows you to:

  • Create/modify/read design databases, triangulations, grids. Modify/read block models.
  • Create a certificate for an executable that uses the Vulcan SDK. That executable will then have authorised use of the Vulcan SDK for that executable's lifetime; the certificate does not expire.
  • Create any type of application that interacts with Vulcan data structures. This application can be distributed however you wish within the licensing agreement.

An excellent example of a tool that uses SDK functionality is Vulcan Stope Optimiser
(Underground > Analyse > Stope Optimiser).

The SDK supports Vulcan V8.2 and later, with only one version of the SDK required to support any of those versions. The latest version of the Vulcan SDK is compiled with Visual Studio 2012. Future versions will be compiled with Visual Studio 2013.

The SDK is a C/C++ library with a C header, making it fairly easy to use in most environments (e.g. we have people using it from Fortran and C#).

The Vulcan SDK is a handy tool for companies looking to maximise their use of Vulcan. If you would like to find out more, send me an email at