Haulage Profile

Haulage Profile is a powerful tool that uses stored fleet information to calculate the haulage time between two digitised points.

Information stored in the block model makes accurate planning easier and using predefined routes reduces the need for manual selection. The tool uses distances based on actual bench geometry at the time of mine haulage, giving a better estimate of haulage times.

New functionality for Haulage Profile introduced in Vulcan 9 provides:

  • Increased Productivity: Fewer clicks required to run a scenario. Create multiple runs using the new external program.
  • Improved Accuracy: A new algorithm takes into account bench geometry between the block centroid and the ramp exit. No more straight line results! Particularly helpful when running medium and short-term scenarios.
  • Better User Experience: Allocation of pre-defined routes removes the need to select routes from the screen every time. Easily create nodes and segments between multiple routes.
  • Better Results: Rimpull and Retarding curves are taken into consideration in the cycle time calculation.

All of these improvements combine to make Haulage Profile tasks as streamlined and productive as possible. Users will save time and output accurate results needed for efficient mine planning.


Vulcan Technical Services Consultant, Derek Carter has put together a 20 minute tutorial on the Model Route Calculation function. Derek explains how to ensure CAD data is viable, run haulage calculations, specify a haul route and estimate a haul route.


This presentation given at the 2013 Australian Users Conference outlines the features of the Vulcan Haulage Profile module introduced in Vulcan 9.

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