Mine Design

ROM Harp Modelling

Run Of Mine (ROM) capability in Vulcan 9.1 takes a HARP model containing all of the geological structures, horizons and associated qualities as input and allows you to easily create ‘mining ready’ HARP models. These tools are included with any Vulcan geological modelling configuration.

Features and benefits

  • Include all numeric quality or mining parameters as constants or HARP model variables
  • Simple to define quality parameters for each horizon including values for the coal, waste and material specified as ‘loss’ or ‘gain’
  • Apply blanket parameters for all horizons, or define horizons individually
  • Define mining loss, gain and recovery parameters for horizons individually or collectively
  • Adjust HARP working section block boundaries to reflect new location of ROM roof and floors
  • Working sections are named after the horizons contained; burden can optionally reflect this naming
  • Fast and simple to set up
  • Ideal for running multiple ‘what if’ scenarios for comparison
  • All parameters saved to specification files
  • Single file input – single file output for simple data management
  • Calculate ROM model through faults (reverse or normal), splits, weathering surfaces etc.
  • ROM HARP output suitable for reserving and plotting, as well as on-screen analysis and viewing
  • Calculation scripts make it simple to apply other, more complex mineability criteria before or after running HARP ROM modelling

How to / Use the Setup Defaults panel in the Rsvute module

Susanna McKay explains how easy it is to establish your default parameters for reserving in the new Setup Defaults panel introduced in Vulcan 9.1.


Advanced data tools plus scripting deliver robust coal quality models

Careful database preparation and validation results in better coal quality models. Advanced tools for manipulating data and running calculations between grids are combined with scripting to streamline the modelling process. The outcome is a robust coal quality model that will stand up to review and regulatory audits.