Conformance Reporting

Fast, simple design conformance reporting tightens the feedback loop around the excavation process. Everyone can access accurate, up-to-date conformance reports in near real time. This leads to better decision making, more effective use of resources and improved productivity.

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Highwall mapping, reconciliation and drill & blast planning

Laser scan data is a powerful tool for highwall mapping, reconciliation and drill & blast planning. Surveyors can safely acquire high resolution imagery and detailed data for conducting geotechnical analysis, comparing plans to actual, optimising the initiation direction and pattern spacing of drill and blast designs and analysing the cause of blast failures.


Tutorial / Calculate a volume based on the distance between two surfaces

Ben Connelly, 3D Laser Scanning Consultant, explains how to calculate the volume between two surfaces (for example the top and bottom of a coal seam) in I-Site Studio. Use the data to verify contractor requirements and ensure payment is made based on accurate data.


How to / Model a dragline bucket to calculate volume

Watch this step by step guide to learn how to model a dragline bucket into a 3D solid to calculate volume. Increase the accuracy of your operational data and improve material tracking.