Introducing Vulcan 10.1

Vulcan delivers an end-to-end solution for geological modelling, mine design, planning and scheduling needs across the mining lifecycle

Vulcan 10.1 continues Maptek's mission to deliver multiple applications on the Maptek Workbench. Eureka 4.0 is included in the release, integrating advanced drillhole and spatial analysis tools with Vulcan functionality.

New functionality in Vulcan 10.1 streamlines design and planning, optimises drill & blast and improves reporting and analysis of data.


New functions in Vulcan 10.1 speed up dragline strip design by automating the previously time consuming and repetitive tasks.


Vulcan 10.1 will include enhancements to Automated Pit Designer including creating solids on the fly, viewing topography after a pit has been mined and setting up exclusion zones.


Open cut drill & blast upgrades in Vulcan 10.1 enhance manual drill design and significantly reduce the time to create or update a design.


Vulcan 10.1 is set to include a new workflow for automatic generation of mining blocks for scheduling.


  • Automated Pit Designer Enhanced
    Enhancements in Vulcan 10.1 makes Automated Pit Designer easier and faster to use, with greater flexibility for engineering design impact analysis, including sensitivity studies.
  • Statistical analysis Enhanced
    New statistical, graphing and display options in Vulcan Data Analyser allow resource geologists and engineers to gain a better understanding of technical data for resource modelling.
  • Open cut drill & blast Enhanced
    Upgrades in Vulcan 10.1 enhance manual drill design and significantly reduce time to create or update designs. Users can merge rows when combining blasts and conduct minimum burden adjustments.
  • Dragline tools Enhanced
    New options in Vulcan 10.1 automate the creation maximum dragline spoil topography and spreadsheet template setup to compare available spoil room against actual volumes.
  • Mining block generation New
    A new mining block generation tool combines design and reserving tools, streamlining preparation of mining blocks for scheduling. The new option is simple to set up and run, and supports multiple pits.
  • Stope Optimiser Enhanced
    New features provide greater flexibility and control over final stope shapes for mine planning and scheduling.
  • Maptek Workbench Enhanced
    Vulcan 10.1 is delivered as a single installation combined with Maptek Workbench and Eureka 4. The Maptek Workbench provides a platform for enhanced workflows and data sharing between Maptek products, with access to various applications that support design and modelling tasks.
  • Eureka 4

    Eureka provides an interactive 3D environment for visualisation and modelling of exploration data including drilling, geophysical surveys, seismic surveys, maps and other imagery, and GIS data.

    Core drillhole and exploration tools are available on a timed trial until 30 June 2017.

  • Underground scheduling Enhanced
    Enhanced integration sees the Vulcan Gantt Scheduler directly reading Vulcan block models. Multiple vgantt files can be imported and exported for scheduling shorter range plans from LOM. Schedule Optimisation tool can be added for creating long-term underground schedules that maximise NPV.
  • Decline optimiser New
    Decline optimiser integrates with level Designer to generate multiple underground development scenarios for consideration in mine planning.