Webinar: Answering the open pit scheduling challenge

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Join our panel as they examine the challenges facing schedulers and identify key areas where technology solutions can make a difference.

Traditional mine scheduling methods present many challenges:

  • Solutions that operate on a siloed view of the mining operation.
  • Results that have no bearing on the long term success of the mine as a business.
  • Parametric and economic assumptions that have little or no bearing on actual performance.

A mining operation is complex and mine planners have a difficult job. They need to act swiftly and decisively in the present while being mindful of the impact that any changes may have on the future of the mine.

For many schedulers the frustration lies in knowing what needs to be done, but their tools are not agile enough to change plans on the fly.

Scheduling is inherently complex. The mathematics alone can be daunting. A scenario with 1 pushback, 5 benches and 3 periods presents a possible 56 combinations. Add an intricate extraction sequence and we begin to see the size of the challenge for finding a practical, economic and optimised solution.

2:30 pm (AEDT)
11:30 am (AWST)

Host: Eduardo Coloma - Maptek CEO
Panellists: Grant Malcolm, Steve Craig

Not so long ago a scheduler’s workflow involved multiple packages, disconnected systems and siloed processes. Mine planners today can access solutions which model complex operations using different algorithms designed to mimic reality. Parallel computing or cloud processing delivers faster schedules, more cost-effectively.

Can challenging ourselves to think differently about scheduling pain points provide the key to unlocking new approaches and ultimately success? Join our expert panel of mining engineers as they discuss these issues and more.

The panellists

Grant Malcolm.

Grant Malcolm, MEC Mining

Grant joined the mining industry in 2007 and brings a wealth of experience to manage the east coast team at MEC Mining. The Australian-based global consultancy specialises in mine planning, feasibility studies, and professional services solutions.

Steve Craig.

Steve Craig, Orelogy

Steve has spent more than 30 years in various operational, management and mine planning roles. In 2005 he co-founded Orelogy in Perth, where as director he oversees the provision of specialised mine planning services globally.

Eduardo Coloma.

Eduardo Coloma, Maptek

Mining Engineer and CEO, Eduardo Coloma has extensive technical and managerial mining experience. He honed his skills in optimisation, mine design and scheduling for open pit metalliferous deposits in his previous role as Maptek Product Manager for Evolution.

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