Aegis Underground Drill & Blast

Efficient and effective underground drill & blast analysis and design.

Quickly generate underground longhole drill layouts, manage blasts, and conduct advanced blast analysis and optimisation.

What is Aegis?

Aegis allows engineers to produce underground drilling and charging layouts, complete with costing, in seconds.

  • Conduct multiple blasting scenarios quickly with costs calculated for a variety of blasting strategies and the results compared
  • Generate reports to plot drill and blast plans on paper or export them to IREDES format for upload to compatible drill rigs
  • Improve blast cavity break and fragmentation results, increasing efficiency and reducing downstream costs


  • Significant time savings compared with conventional ring design software
  • Rapidly create, iterate, and compare multiple drill and blast scenarios, including cost
  • Intuitive plotting and reporting tools and IREDES data transfer
  • Import surveyed holes for comparison with planned holes
  • Reduce costs associated with overbreak, underbreak, and material handling

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