Maptek Point Processing

Looking back at 20 years of point cloud processing expertise

I-Site Studio was first released in 2001, several years before Maptek began manufacturing 3D laser scanners. Since then Maptek has released three generations of laser scanning hardware as well as value adding applications for slope monitoring and design conformance.

Understanding that accurate data is crucial to a mine’s success has been key to the maturing of I-Site Studio into a powerful, fully functioned software system, which makes survey data valuable for all stakeholders in a mining operation. I-Site Studio will be released with a new name - Maptek PointStudio - in 2018.

  • I-Site Software 1 - 2000

    3D laser scanning processing & modelling software
    Locate scans in mine grid coordinates
    Geological mapping

  • I-Site Studio 2 - 2002

    Improved CAD and data creation
    New registration options

  • I-Site Studio 2.1 - 2003

    Fusion surface to create full 3D triangulations
    Section generation
    Smart select

  • I-Site Studio 2.3 - 2004

    Export of VRML 97 files
    Automatic point pair matching
    Matching surface registration tool
    Survey point generator

  • I-Site Studio 2.4 - 2005

    Surface proximity filter
    Smart select facet selection
    Fragmentation function

  • I-Site Studio 3.0 - 2007

    64-bit processing

    Project management tools

    High resolution image export

  • I-Site Studio 3.1 - 2008

    Graphics and modelling tools

    Rendering and animation options

    Tied views & surface despiker

  • I-Site Studio 3.2 - 2009

    Open pit update tool
    Vulcan dgd support
    Create offset surface
    Query dip and strike

  • I-Site Studio 3.3 - 2009

    Automatic toe & crest detection
    Single step global registration
    Interactive section viewing

  • I-Site Studio 3.5 - 2011

    Geotechnical module released
    Filtering on point selection
    Freehand/polygonal lasso tools
    3D PDF generation

  • I-Site Studio 4 - 2012

    Dynamic scan manipulation
    Photo image registration
    Custom toolbars, point attributes and LAS import

  • I-Site Studio 5 - 2014

    Level of Detail loading/view objects
    Workflow Manager
    New image positioning onto scan
    Geotechnical Module improvements

  • I-Site Studio 6 - 2016

    Scan coordinate systems
    3D CAD design toolset
    Geotechnical - kinematic analysis and stereonet
    3D complex surface modelling
    Production reporting

  • I-Site Studio 7 - 2017

    Create CAD design direct from 3D point cloud data
    Query and visualise large datasets
    Resource recovery reporting
    Improved geotechnical tools

  • PointStudio 8 - 2018

    Ribbon interface
    Maptek Workbench
    Underground reporting

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