Operational Stages

Maptek delivers end to end solutions across all key aspects of the mining value chain.

Maptek products assist in refining geological and resource models, calculating reserves, developing short and long term plans and scheduling operations. Gathering and using information as it is collected can add significant value to the resource, and the tasks conducted around mining. Maptek solutions fully exploit this rich data environment.


From analysis of exploration data to resource estimation Maptek provides solutions which maximise success in exploration projects. Create and validate exploration models quickly in an interactive 3D visualisation and modelling environment. Manage and validate your drillhole, geophysical, lithological and analytical data. Generate accurate terrain models for 3D representation of topography and share the whole project in rich 3D detail.


Maptek provides intuitive tools to evaluate your technical and resource data to support and enhance the decision making process. Maximise the use of all your historical, drilling and assay data to run and evaluate different scenarios. Efficiently assess potential designs, strategic plans and mine economics. Hybrid modelling workflows allow all survey, geology, seismic interpretations and mining process data to be included in your modelling and evaluation.

Mine Design

Maptek mine design tools allow you to analyse productivity before the first shovel of dirt is moved. Maintain a clear understanding and planning horizon throughout the life of the mine. Create accurate 3D topographic models and map geotechnical features in minutes. Design and execute drill and blast with an unprecedented level of precision. View design cross-sections before excavation to understand how the mine will come to life.

Mine Planning

Maptek provides the tools for modelling your resource and designing your mine, while updating technical information across processes. Validate designs for a safer mine and test mining scenarios on the desktop. Account for uncertainty in geological and economic conditions. Use lead indicators derived from historical data to improve productivity, blast performance and most importantly, mineral recovery. Support operational planning with rapid design conformance feedback. Make informed decisions quickly with near real time feedback. Share mine performance and spatial details widely on the cloud.

Mine Operations

Maptek products fully exploit the rich technical data collected around mining tasks. Increase drill and blast performance with automated validation and design tools. Collect survey data for developing accurate 3D topography models that can be easily referenced and updated. Monitor and analyse excavation accuracy and complete QA/QC in real time. Identify safety issues, maximise machinery efficiency and make critical adjustments to mine plans. Monitor surface movements that have the potential to impede mine activities and plan remediation. Track, monitor and manage production flow, grade, equipment and performance across systems and processes.


Maptek offers a strategic scheduling solution that harnesses grade cut-off techniques to maximise project value. Optimise the haulage fleet early in the schedule to deliver cost savings. Achieve further savings with waste dump optimisation; defer capital expenditure, minimise clearance costs and improve waste planning. Animate and visualise schedules for validation and communication with stakeholders. Advanced scheduling algorithms provide holistic decision support and scenario comparisons to be completed when you need the answers - in a matter of minutes.


Analysing data collected around your operations and processes and feeding that knowledge back into your operation is critical. Understand and report on what happened and determine how to improve. Develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan at any stage of the mining process for regulatory compliance. Scan post-mine landforms to verify that new topography meets design. Create accurate 3D models for environmental compliance.