Complimentary Train the Trainers Online Workshops

Created for Professors and Lecturers. The workshops will be held online, July 13-17

Deepen your curriculum with high level training from industry professionals, using Vulcan, Eureka and Pointstudio.

The purpose of this training workshop is to work with Professors and Lecturers to ensure a smooth integration of the relevant software into their curriculum. It is also to provide a high level of training on basic case studies and provide obtainable classroom examples.

Expression of Interest Deadline: June 28, 2020

Online Workshop Dates: July 13-17, 2020

Once we have received the expressions of interest we will release an agenda.

We are looking for expressions of interest in the following courses


  • Introduction to Python
  • Workflow Editor
  • Mine Design & Optimisation

    • Underground Mine Design
    • Open-Pit Mine Design
    • Stope Optimiser
    • Pit Optimiser

    Grade Estimation

    • Statistics in Vulcan
    • Indicator Kriging vs Ordinary Kriging


  • Geotechnical Structural Mapping
  • Conformance Reporting


  • Implicit Modelling
  • Vein Modeller

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