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PointStudio 2020 Powerful spatial measurement and reporting

PointStudio 2020 makes working with spatial measurement data a breeze. The latest release features new Fragmentation Analysis alongside updated CAD, geotechnical, mesh filtering and registration capabilities.

Vulcan Coal Washability

Vulcan Coal Washability lets you easily and efficiently incorporate washability data with your structural, run of mine and quality data to optimise your mining operation for product.

Evolution Uncertainty modelling

Quantifying geological uncertainty has a myriad of benefits for mining operations. Maptek Evolution 2020 enables simultaneous scheduling of multiple models and visualisation of the uncertainty in the results.

Introducing PointStudio Fragmentation Analysis

PointStudio Fragmentation Analysis gives a better understanding of blast results, leading to impressive downstream cost efficiency in excavation and haulage, crushing and processing.

Introducing Enhanced Automated Pit Designer

Enhanced Vulcan Automated Pit Designer and Vulcan Pit Optimiser can dramatically improve your pit design process, reducing the time taken to go from optimised pit outputs to a final pit design complete with ramps.

Why Automated Pit Designer? Talking iterative pit design

Matthew Deutsch and Brandon Richardson have played key roles in developing Vulcan Automated Pit Designer. Hear from them about how it saves time and effort in iterative pit design.

Introducing Vulcan Drillhole Optimiser

Vulcan Drillhole Optimiser provides a faster, better method for geology teams planning infill drilling programs by allowing them to work more productively. Mine management can review and choose from different budget options to meet the needs of their operation.

Why Vulcan? Helping mines make more informed decisions

An interview with Group Product Manager – Mine Planning Jesse Oldham about the release of Vulcan 2020 and how it will give mining operations more confidence in their plans and designs.

Vulcan 2020 Integrated geology and optimised mine design

Vulcan 2020 continues the Maptek tradition of developing technology to improve mining operations.

Strategic scheduling in the face of uncertainty

It is essential to build and evaluate a variety of mine scenarios to ensure you provide the best value to shareholders. Maptek has developed Evolution Strategy to help planners create optimized schedules within practical mining constraints that can be effectively communicated to both the boardroom and operations.

Why BlastLogic? Unlocking value through drill and blast

Maptek Group Product Manager – Mine Operations Mark Roberts explains why BlastLogic has gained such strong market traction, what’s new in the 2020 release and what’s to come from Maptek for drill and blast.

BlastLogic 2020 Advanced blast design and reconciliation

BlastLogic 2020 comes with new functionality and enhanced tools to optimise drill and blast, streamline use of measurement while drilling data and improve inventory control.

SR3 underground laser scanner

See the beauty of the structural mapping data you can capture with the Maptek SR3 underground laser scanner.

What’s new in Evolution 6.3

Evolution 6.3 introduces a new a spatial dependency generator, improved equipment downrating and a streamlined reblocking interface to improve usability.

What is Maptek Extend?

Maptek Extend increases the utility and automation of existing Maptek software by facilitating custom scripting, letting you add value to Maptek applications.

Inter-Ramp Compliance

Inter-Ramp Compliance is an effective, efficient way to report on bench face angles and catch bench widths by highlighting how well wall angles and catch bench widths comply with user-defined tolerances.

What’s new in Evolution 6.2

Evolution 6.2 now supports reserving functionality directly inside Evolution, automated engine testing, real-time resource assignment, a condensed resource Gantt view and an Advanced Equipment Downrating feature. Evolution 6.2 also includes stability improvements, bug fixes and improved MIK support. Download the latest version of Evolution from the workbench today.

What’s new in Vulcan 12.0.3

Vulcan 12.0.3 supports the new GDA2020 coordinates system to help Australian users account for continental drift and features improvements to Vulcan Data Analyser, Compliance, Short Term Planner, HARP Run of Mine and Washability. Download the latest version from your Maptek Account, or the Users Area now.

BlastLogic streamlines drill and blast

Enhanced reporting, blast design and visualisation tools and Vulcan data integration ensure that BlastLogic streamlines your drill and blast process.

Advanced Evolution scheduling

The latest version of Maptek scheduling solution Evolution delivers improvements for multi-element cutoff grade optimisation, capital expenditure decisions, setup and reporting.

Introducing Evolution Epoch

Evolution Epoch produces practical short term schedules aligned with life-of-mine objectives.

What’s new in Vulcan

The latest version of Vulcan features a raft of new tools and enhancements for geologists and engineers on top of performance and usability improvements.

Introducing Maptek Extend

Maptek Extend is a new licence for customers using the Workflow Editor and Python scripting functionality.

Introducing Maptek Account

Maptek Account is your new home for Maptek online licensing and support.

BlastLogic blast design and reconciliation

BlastLogic combines industry leading design tools with the ability to track the accurate and safe execution of processes. Learn how BlastLogic is relied on to unlock value in drill and blast.

Road network validation

Path Interpolation can now be turned on or off in Maptek Evolution, allowing users to quickly see where errors may lie in a road network.

Making the most of mining data – Maptek MD interview

Maptek Managing Director Peter Johnson speaks to the Minerals Council of Australia’s at the inaugural MCA Modern Mining Innovation Showcase.

Tackling complex scheduling problems

Maptek Evolution enhances medium, long-term and strategic life-of-mine scheduling, reducing operating costs and maximising the value of deposits.

Talking underground drill & blast

Vulcan Technical Services Mining Engineer Mike Winfield and iRing Inc Vice President of Development Troy Williams discuss the latest solutions for underground drill & blast.

Maptek laser scanning solutions

Maptek develops versatile, easy to use laser scanning hardware and software solutions designed for mine survey and mapping tasks.

Introducing PointStudio 8

PointStudio 8 is the new generation of software for processing and modelling 3D spatial data.

Maptek Sentry. Making mines safer.

Open pit and underground mines use Sentry to sustain safe operating environments and meet crucial safety targets.

Aegis Break Analyzer

Aegis Break Analyzer, available from Maptek, allows engineers to design blasts based on the first principles of rock mechanics and uses geotechnical data collected on site every day to inform ongoing blast design.

What’s new in Eureka 5

Eureka 5 delivers new tools for enhanced modelling, viewing and correlation of data and in-depth analysis of areas of interest.

Sentry slope monitoring case study

Learn how Maptek Sentry has become a critical piece of the slope monitoring program at an Idaho phosphate mine with Superintendent of Mine Engineering, Mark Chapman.

Workflow Editor and Vulcan

Streamline routine tasks by incorporating Vulcan menu items, command line executables and scripting capabilities with Workbench tools and custom components to automate processes with the new Workflow Editor.

Vulcan 3D Geological Sculpting

Interactively modify solids in freehand mode with 3D Geological Sculpting to gain greater control when modelling geological domains.

Vulcan Panel Caving Designer

Panel Caving Designer allows users to efficiently plan, design infrastructure and output operational stages for scheduling.

Sentry world-class monitoring solution

Sentry is a versatile system for remote monitoring and risk management. It combines a Maptek laser scanner with sophisticated software to cost-effectively monitor, analyse and report on movements.

Evolution coal deposit scheduling

Maptek Evolution saves users time creating, animating and analysing optimised schedules from coal seams.

Maptek underground geology and structural analysis

Fast, accurate and rugged Maptek sensing hardware combines with powerful modelling software to improve safety and productivity for underground face mapping.

Scanning Ulaanbaatar

Scans of the Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue and Sükhbaatar Square in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Thanks to our resellers IT Experts LLC, and Erdenet MC for providing the Maptek XR3 laser scanner.

Sentry Kanmantoo case study

Hillgrove Resources Ltd Senior Geotechnical Engineer Bruce Hutchison discusses how the company uses Maptek Sentry for monitoring at the Kanmantoo Copper Mine.

BlastLogic charge rule scripting

The latest update to BlastLogic includes features which allow users to quickly build charge rules scripts and edit and interactively debug them using an external integrated (more…)

BlastLogic OData Service

The BlastLogic OData Service provides a flexible way to access and distribute drill and blast data, allowing users to build custom reports, benchmark across multiple mines and interface data from BlastLogic to third-party clients.

Introducing 3D Geological Sculpting

Vulcan 3D Geological Sculpting gives users ultimate interactive control to modify solids and surfaces in freehand mode by pinching and smoothing to better represent (more…)

Introducing Vulcan Grade Control Optimiser

Making decisions on ore and waste is a huge responsibility. Software that automatically defines optimised polygons and runs multiple scenarios saves time and helps prevent (more…)

Maptek Corporate Overview

Maptek has been delivering groundbreaking mining solutions since 1981.

Laser scanning for stockpiles

Maptek technology provides a safe, fast, accurate and cost-effective solution for stockpile measurement.

Manage and report stockpile volumes

I-Site solutions help ensure accurate reporting of your stockpile makeup and volume.

Introducing I-Site Drive

I-Site Drive continuously acquires data with recommended I-Site laser scanner mounted on a moving vehicle. (more…)