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Introduction to Vulcan

Maptek’s Introduction to Vulcan is a comprehensive online training course which provides you with all the basic skills you need to analyse exploration data, build triangulation models, and design your mine.

Getting Started with Design Data

Getting Started with Design Data, available through Maptek Online Training, teaches you how to create, modify, and analyse Vulcan design data.

Python Scripting for Vulcan

Python Scripting for Vulcan can automate repetitive tasks, save time and create repeatable workflows. Learn how to use Python to read and write files in a directory, manipulate block models and Isis databases and create your own panels to select and manipulate Vulcan objects.

Getting Started with Drillholes and Databases

Learn about the fundamentals of Vulcan Drillhole and Database creation, validation and visualisation with the Maptek Online Training course Getting Started with Drillholes and Databases.

Vulcan Essentials Mini-Course

The Maptek Online Training Vulcan Essentials Mini-Course will help customers get to know the fundamentals of Vulcan.

Getting Started with Orebody Modelling

Learn best practices for creating triangulations in Vulcan in the Getting Started with Orebody Modelling course, available through Maptek Online Training. Learn more here.

Maptek Online Training

Undertake professional development at your own pace and convenience with easy to access, economical Maptek Online Training. Learn more here.

Maptek Video Tutorial – How to use Model Route Calculation in Vulcan Haulage Profile

This 20 minute tutorial explains how to use the Model Route Calculation function in Vulcan Haulage Profile.  (more…)