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Innovative, trusted, proven.

Maptek™ is the leading provider of innovative software, hardware and services for the global mining industry. With more than 30 years of commitment to mine technology research and development, we offer an extensive range of products backed by unparalleled customer service and support.

Our wide geographic spread enables us to deliver products and services efficiently to our customers. The Maptek Group has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney (Australia); Belo Horizonte (Brazil); Vancouver (Canada); Denver (USA); Viña del Mar (Chile); Mexico City (Mexico); Edinburgh (UK); Lima (Peru); and Johannesburg (RSA).

Maptek customers are big and small players in the mining industry. In response to operations requiring a local presence, a vigorous expansion policy in the first 20 years saw offices opened in USA (1986), UK (1989), South Africa (1992), Chile (1994), Brazil (1997) interlaced with the Australian network in Sydney (1981), Perth (1989), Adelaide (1990) and Brisbane (2001). The importance of a local presence has been augmented by reliance on global teams who can share expertise and participate in centralised decision making.

Maptek product technology focuses on analysing and modelling data from disparate sources to solve the problems that engineers, geologists and miners face every day.

The pioneering Vulcan 3D modelling and mine design software now has more than 7000 users worldwide. When I-Site Studio software came onto the market in 2000 it revolutionised the modelling and analysis of 3D laser scan data. The MineSuite system for mine information reporting and fleet management was added in 2001.

Maptek entered the surveying equipment market in 2004 with our Australian-built, I-Site integrated 3D laser surveying and digital imaging hardware. This next generation spatial survey technology has spawned solutions across mining, civil engineering and agricultural industries.

A drill and blast accuracy management system was developed in association with industry, with BlastLogic launched to market in 2011. Niche products for exploration projects and scheduling operations are integrated with the 3D mine planning and modelling platform. Data can be accessed via the cloud and mobile platforms. Research and development focuses on harnessing the latest technology for agile, mobile solutions which optimise mining operations. Maptek also provides consulting services and technical support to its customer base in more than 75 countries.

Bob Johnson explaining how Maptek expertise helped with the Chile mine rescue and finding The 33 (Los 33)

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  • Maptek Overview Brochure

    Maptek products and services help mining companies reduce operating costs while improving production, performance and profitability.

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