• Design

    Achieve consistent, accurate, repeatable blast designs for maximum ore recovery

  • Validate

    Reference and analyse operational drill and blast data in 3D for immediate validation    

  • Improve

    Manage all drill and blast processes for operational efficiency and productivity


Maptek BlastLogic™ is an enterprise blast accuracy management system that focuses on the routine design, storage, traceability and task management of drill and blast operations at surface mines.

BlastLogic delivers immediate access to disparate drill & blast data enabling the simple analysis of historical performance to enhance blast accuracy, mineral recovery and downstream processes.

BlastLogic enables you to pre-empt risk, productivity and cost issues before they emerge in the business by addressing lead indicators.


  • Productivity: Adapt a blast design to variations in the pit
  • Knowledge: Data capture throughout the process empowers objective learning and transfer of site and operator knowhow
  • Efficiency: Quick recognition of drilling errors prompts proactive resource deployment
  • Quality: Streamline quality assurance and quality control
  • Accuracy: Dynamic tracking of operational and personnel KPIs
  • Intuitive: Easy to use, and easy to view
  • Standardise: Repeatable and scalable system across single or multiple operations

Features and Capabilities

  • Customisation: Design tolerances, charge rules and library of blast products
  • Visualisation: 3D spatial location of drill patterns, surfaces and changing drillhole characteristics
  • Interoperable: Interface with supported third party drill navigation systems
  • Paperless: Ruggedised tablet for electronic data sharing in the field
  • Automated: Validate as-drilled dimensions or survey collar locations against design, and auto-generate dip, back-fill and charge sheets
  • Design: Apply a charge rule across a pattern and refine hole-by-hole
  • Reporting: Concise compliance, analysis and summary reporting
  • Accessibility: Searchable data repository ties reports, videos, laser scans and images to a specific blast
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