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Maptek Blogs

Get more bang for your buck with the right hardware for Vulcan


Have you ever wondered about the optimal configuration for your computer to run Vulcan?

Our development team has broadly defined how various hardware components affect Vulcan performance. Use this guide to assess your priorities and decide where best to invest your hardware budget. (more…)

New Maptek Sentry to watch over your mine


Let’s face it, mining is an inherently dangerous and risky business. We know that incidents such as wall collapses do happen, but it is possible for them to be avoided by effective monitoring.

One of the reasons we’re here at AusRock 2014 is to meet with mine operators, technical support staff, geotech and mining engineers. (more…)

Step by step guide to complex pit design in Vulcan


Maptek Bite Size videos are a great resource. Five minute videos for you to quickly learn new ways when using Maptek products.

The latest Bite Size video request comes from a customer in Australia. A mining engineer from Rio Tinto has asked for a how-to video covering Vulcan pit design tools. (more…)

Surely there is a better way for optimising drill & blast!


Mine sites thrive on processes. Mining is a fast paced environment and staff rely on routine to ensure targets are met.

But what about when a site keeps using the same process even though it isn’t working? Every day, week, month, the same problems arise and staff are left thinking ‘surely there is a better way to do this!’ (more…)

Maptek Consulting: When you lack the time or in-house resources

Chuck Yarbrough

My name is Chuck Yarbrough and I’m a Vulcan Solutions Engineer with Maptek. You may know who Maptek is through products such as Vulcan or I-Site, but did you know Maptek also provides consulting throughout the entire mining life cycle, from feasibility studies to end of the mining life?