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Clayton Fritz - Sales Manager - Mining Solutions, Europe - August 20, 2016

I find in my personal life that I often end up using something I’ve purchased for more than I intended to in the first place. Such has been the case with furniture, recreational equipment, and even electronics. Unless we’re talking about an item such as a light bulb, you typically don’t use something for one task 100% of the time. In the case of laser scanners, the list of jobs they can do is constantly growing. (more…)

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Clayton Fritz - Sales Manager - Mining Solutions, Europe - August 19, 2016

One of the most frequent questions we hear from customers is ‘How many points do your scanners collect?’ It seems there is a belief that more points = a better survey solution. (more…)

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David O’Neill - - August 4, 2016

Working at Maptek gives us the chance to visit a lot of different mining operations, working on different commodities and using different modelling methods. We sometimes find customers who don’t use software for modelling at all, or else just use it for the creation of maps or images, without fully utilising mining software to its fullest extent. (more…)

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Ann McCall - Mining Engineer - July 22, 2016

As a software company, Maptek is always looking for ways to help our users automate their processes to save time and increase efficiencies. However, sometimes this poses a dilemma: automate too much and you have an “easy button” that eliminates the critical thinking necessary to achieve a great result, automate too little and you’re left with manual processes that consume valuable time and resources. The Vulcan Automated Pit Designer is a tool new to Vulcan 10 which helps reach a balance between these two extremes. (more…)

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Steve Craig - Mine Scheduling Solutions Manager - May 30, 2016

Maptek Evolution has been proven to add value to projects in the medium and long term through advanced cut-off grade optimisation techniques.

This year Evolution has been able to help various projects and operators add more than $800 million to net present value across eight projects, including gold, uranium and diamond mines, operating with mine lives in excess of 13 years. (more…)

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