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Peter Shelton - - January 22, 2016

Tech Services recently passed me a customer request for help in processing ore oxidation data. It comprised lithology and analytical assay information stored as part of a full Vulcan Isis geological drillhole database.

The task required the ore-code classification of all lithological intervals in a database of around 100,000 records, and growing. The relevant information for this classification was contained across three different record types and required fairly detailed computation based on both empirical and derived assay values (around 15 values). (more…)

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Steve Sullivan - - January 12, 2016

Variography is an essential component of resource estimation. It allows geologists to gain a greater understanding of the spatial correlation between geological information gathered predominantly from drillholes.

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Will Reid - - December 18, 2015

My Maptek journey began in mid-2014 while I was studying Software Engineering at the University of Adelaide. Simon Ratcliffe, head of Maptek software research and development, had provided my  3-student group with a 6-month project that would fulfil our industry project component.

It was then I began to learn about the products Maptek produced and was fortunate enough to meet developers from various teams. Unknown to me, I would be working with many of them in less than a year’s time. (more…)

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Jordan Herrmann - I-Site Sales Consultant - December 2, 2015

It’s pretty easy to get carried away with the hype around drones. New technology has its place when it challenges us to think about current practices and ways they can be improved.

Drones, or UAVs, are good fun, can cover large topographic areas and provide some really cool images. (more…)

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Gemma Lloyd - Software Team Lead - October 27, 2015

We were just wrapping up development on our new airborne mapping tools, when the software team received a new challenge – find a solution for rapid stockpile volume estimates using aerial photography, and do it fast. (more…)

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