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Maptek Blogs

Underground laser scanning with I-Site


Using laser scan technology to capture underground mine workings is safe, cost effective and reliable. The downside is that the sheer volume of data collected can seem like a mountain to climb!


Teaching Vulcan to Colorado School of Mines Students


In March, I had the privilege of training 17 students from the Colorado School of Mines in Vulcan software. The students were both undergrad and graduate students in Geology and Mining Engineering anxious to learn skills to make them more successful in internships and after graduation. (more…)

Lessons learned from taking Evolution on the road

Steve Craig

It’s been a busy ‘schedule’ since Evolution joined the Maptek entourage. I’ve demonstrated Evolution across every continent and while it’s been hectic, the lessons learned have been valuable. (more…)

Future proofing drill & blast performance


When gunpowder and then explosives started being used more widely, rock chunks dislodged during mining became much larger. Mining, once dependent on how well an individual could swing a pick to break up the rock (for carrying in a sack) now required an organised process to proceed effectively. The advent of the industrial age and economies of scale saw machinery take over the breaking-up process. (more…)

Long Range Mine Planning

Sam Shoemaker

My first experience with surface mine planning was in 1988 at the Getchell Mine in north central Nevada.  At that time, most of the software tools were fairly primitive and a long range life of mine plan would take many months to complete. (more…)