Maptek Vulcan Vulcan 9.1 addresses the need for a single software package to seamlessly connect geological modelling, mine design and planning and scheduling.

Incident Management with BlastLogic

Discover how incident investigation can be managed quickly and easily with BlastLogic.

New continuous survey

Announcing I-Site Drive – a system to continuously acquire survey data from a moving vehicle.

Maptek Evolution

Maptek Evolution applies strategic mine planning tools to maximise the value of your deposit.

Webinar: Mine Design & Conformance Reporting

A brief overview of open pit coal mine design using Vulcan, and the conformance to that design using laser scan data in PerfectDig.

Insight starts here


Discover new ways to solve old problems, learn about cutting edge applications and read articles which tackle the wider impacts of mining technology.

Underground survey solution

I-Site laser scans

I-Site laser scanning easily handled a large underground survey project, delivering accurate data to guide mining operations.

Calculate haulage while scheduling


Evolution calculates haulage data on the fly when running schedules, helping mine planners to rationalise costs early in a mining project.

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