Maptek Vulcan Vulcan 9.1 addresses the need for a single software package to seamlessly connect geological modelling, mine design and planning and scheduling.

Video: I-Site 8820 laser scanner

See the best way to set up an I-Site 8820 laser scanner on a tripod for long range survey.

Vulcan Open Pit Scheduler

Vulcan Open Pit Scheduler applies strategic mine planning tools to maximise the value of your deposit.

Webinar: Product Enhancements

See what new tools are coming up in Vulcan, I-Site, PerfectDig and BlastLogic software packages.

Vulcan Level Designer

This webinar demonstrates how Vulcan Level Designer allows you to create stope shapes in a matter of seconds, streamlining underground development design.

Monitoring wear rates on ore crushers

Maptek ore crusher monitoring

I-Site and Vulcan combine to provide a cost-effective and safe solution for monitoring wear rates of ore crushers. 

Introducing Maptek Sentry & I-Site 8820


Sentry is a new system for tracking and recording surface changes. It deploys the I-Site 8820 laser scanner in a cost-effective, safe and versatile approach to change detection. 

Maptek Learn

Maptek Learn

Introducing your hub for learning new skills and how to apply the latest tools from Maptek. In this edition we focus on Haulage Profile functionality.

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