Vulcan 9 combines significant performance and display enhancements, empowering users with the tools to apply their expertise to solve their unique tasks. Maptek I-Site laser scanning systems feature robust, portable laser scanning hardware and feature-rich processing and modelling software. Maptek PerfectDig allows all stakeholders to quickly compare as-builts with designs in the field, fostering real-time decision making. Maptek BlastLogic accuracy management system streamlines tasks and processes in open cut drill and blast operations to improve mineral recovery. Maptek introduces Eureka - a more effective way to assess and interpret seismic and geophysical data, and therefore a better understanding of geology.

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Vulcan 9 – Now Available

Giving users the freedom to apply their expertise to solve tasks in the way they want. Download now available in the Users Area.

Mine Planning Course

Taught by industry expert Sam Shoemaker, this week long course offers a practical application of Vulcan software mine planning tools for non-stratified deposits.

2014 Maptek Webinars

Register for our scheduled webinars covering topics such as Vulcan mining solutions, I-Site Studio tools and information about BlastLogic.

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