Maptek Vulcan Vulcan 9.1 addresses the need for a single software package to seamlessly connect geological modelling, mine design and planning and scheduling.

Incident Management with BlastLogic

Discover how incident investigation can be managed quickly and easily with BlastLogic.

New continuous survey

Announcing I-Site Drive – a system to continuously acquire survey data from a moving vehicle.

Maptek Evolution

Maptek Evolution applies strategic mine planning tools to maximise the value of your deposit.

Webinar: Viewing Mineral Exploration Data in Vulcan

Do more with your existing data by bringing it all into one 3D software to review mineralisation.

Tracking coal quality for efficiency gains

Coal reclaimer

Monitoring the quality of coal across sites and facilities raises efficiency and ensures product specifications match customer orders.

Trend analysis for surface movement


Read how Maptek Sentry improves awareness of movement in the pit at Kanmantoo Mine, and helps plan remedial action to meet safety goals.

Maptek Learn

Maptek Learn

Your free hub for learning ways to apply the latest tools from Maptek. This edition focuses on Haulage Profile and highlights new features in Vulcan 9.1.

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