Forge - December 2015

Vulcan 10 preview

Maptek Vulcan10, set to be released in March 2016, includes a new tool which removes the tedium from open pit design tasks.

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Ideal execution of through-seam blasts

With the help of Maptek BlastLogic software, mines can improve drill and blast processes and increase coal recovery.

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Sentry aids stability monitoring

The Maptek I-Site 8820 laser scanner and Sentry software have proven their value in stability monitoring during a research and development trial in South Australia.

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Oakdale Resources graphite project

A maiden resource study on the Oakdale graphite deposit in South Australia has provided a thorough understanding of the geology and prospects for mining.

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Tailings dam survey

An essential part of risk management is the quantification of risk. Mapping of structures using Maptek I-Site helps operations to meet regulatory and safety requirements.

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Movement tracking and stability monitoring

Maptek Sentry is a safe, accurate and cost-effective method for tracking movement and monitoring deformation of surfaces.

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Intelligent drillhole tools key to success

A Canadian company has benefited from Maptek Vulcan drillhole tools during its 3-year exploration program.

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I-Site Studio 6 time savers

New modules in Maptek I-Site Studio 6 streamline workflows and directly address the need for surveyors to report as efficiently as possible.

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An agile scheduling solution

The Mine operators are looking for agility in their mine planning software to ensure developments plan can easily adapt to any changes in processing strategy.

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University partnerships

Geology undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin and Survey students at South West Institute of Technology are learning how to apply tools and technology systems to mining applications in the real world.

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Maptek 10 years in México

Maptek México & the Caribbean has experienced steady growth since it first opened in Cancun and celebrated its 10-year anniversary at the Acapulco Mining Expo recently.

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