Forge - September 2016

Vulcan offers ultimate geological control

Implicit Modelling in Vulcan 10 provides the ultimate level of control over the geological modelling process, ensuring accurate results.

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Technology roadmap

The Maptek roadmap defines the direction of our technology and we look forward to sharing that journey with customers.

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Vibration sensitive blasts

BlastLogic allows mining engineers to optimise blast performance while keeping within recommended vibration limits.

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Enhancing underground drill & blast

Aegis offers advanced tools for rapidly designing and analysing underground blast scenarios to optimise performance.

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Analysing shallow slope failure

I-Site Studio helped to model the factor of safety for analysing shallow slope failure in a hard rock quarry in New Zealand.

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Pre-scheduling for Evolution

Vulcan 10 provides an easy to use, auditable and repeatable workflow to prepare blocks for scheduling in Evolution.

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The well connected mine

An Internet of Things approach to mining production and performance information provides for more effective data interaction.

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Award winning genetic algorithm

An evolutionary algorithm that breached the billion variable barrier was recognised for genetic and evolutionary computation.

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University partnerships

Senior mine design students at Montana Tech and Universidad Católica del Norte master the fundamentals of Vulcan software.

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