Maptek Vulcan


Maptek Vulcan™ software provides the mining industry with the most advanced 3D geological modelling, mine design and production planning solutions. More than 7,000 licenses of Vulcan are in use across the globe for applications ranging from exploration, through geological modelling, mine design and planning to rehabilitation. Intuitive tools help operations of all resource types and mining techniques improve productivity.


Maptek I-Site™ is award-winning survey technology designed with industrial site safety in mind. I-Site scanners combine a portable, 3D laser imaging instrument with in-built panoramic, high resolution digital photography for accurately measuring large scenes. I-Site software products offer all the tools to process and model laser scan data, in a user-friendly package which mimics surveying workflow.


Maptek Evolution is a strategic and tactical mine planning tool for scheduling and optimisation in open cut mines. It produces medium, long term and strategic life of mine schedules which reduce operating costs and maximise the value of a deposit.

Maptek Vulcan


Maptek BlastLogic™ is an accuracy management system that focuses on managing the design, tasks and processes associated with open cut drill and blast operations. It delivers immediate access to drill & blast data for analysing performance to enhance blast accuracy, mineral recovery and downstream processes. 


Maptek Eureka™ offers tools for seismic survey depth-correction and analysis, as well as data and model interpretation. All geospatially located data can be viewed in a single 3D environment. Eureka Field streamlines data entry and allows for real-time updates of exploration project data.

Maptek Vulcan


Maptek PerfectDig is an easy-to-use system for rapidly evaluating and supporting design conformance. It allows all stakeholders to quickly compare as-builts with designs in the field and fosters real-time decision making.


Maptek Sentry is a flexible and cost effective solution for detecting surface change. The system combines I-Site laser scan data with sophisticated software to track and analyse movement over time. Flexible viewing and reporting options support your operation.


The DroneMetrex system captures and processes photogrammetric data, providing a fast, safe and accurate survey solution for mining and industry. Integration with laser survey, design conformance and mine planning systems helps operations improve productivity.


MineSuite allows tracking, monitoring, control and reporting of all products, equipment, processes and personnel. MineSuite distribution, delivery, development and support is now handled by former Maptek distributor and business partner Minlog.