• Scan

    Maptek I-Site laser scanners are built to operate in tough, industrial environments 

  • Capture

    Record all the data you need with easy scan setup and intuitive survey controls  

  • Model

    Process, analyse and model data with I-Site Studio and experience the best field workflow 

I-Site 8810

The I-Site 8810 provides the best start to finish survey solution for mining, quarry, civil and engineering applications. Released in 2012, this new laser scanner features integrated GPS, wireless controller and inbuilt high resolution digital camera.

I-Site Studio

I-Site Studio provides intuitive point cloud processing, modelling and analysis tools for mining and other survey applications. Intuitive interface and fit-for-purpose workflow tools help surveyors convert laser scan data into useful results.

I-Site 8400

The I-Site 8400 is the ideal laser scanner for any large scale survey application in mining and industry. Onboard controls and data storage make this laser scanner easy to set up and easy to use.

I-Site Forensic

From crime scenes to crash sites, I‑Site Forensic offers tools to analyse laser scan data and deliver objective, reliable data for presentation in legal proceedings. Users view and work with data in true 3D.

I-Site 8200

The I-Site 8200 laser scanner suits all underground survey tasks from measuring voids, drives and tunnels to mapping development faces. It also handles silo survey and stockpile measurements.

I-Site Topo

I-Site Topo provides the tools for routine topographic survey and volumetric applications. Topo is ideal for processing point cloud data collected from tripod setup, as well as continuous scanning from vehicle mounted scanners.

Z+F Short Range High Accuracy Laser Scanner

The Z+F scanner is designed to capture small areas in extremely high detail with great accuracy. It is ideal for forensic or investigative applications, plant and industrial surveying and underground applications.

I-Site Void

I-Site Void contains the modelling and CAD tools for underground survey applications. The user-friendly workflow makes for quick and easy processing of underground survey scanned data.

I-Site Vehicle System

A flexible vehicle mounting system allows I-Site laser scanners to be mounted and transported on common site survey vehicles, saving time and improving safety. Industrial design and engineering makes it robust enough to handle extreme conditions.

I-Site Studio Geotechnical Module

The I-Site Studio Geotechnical module allows geologists and geotechnical engineers to take control of their information to analyse structures and surfaces. The intuitive workflow promotes confident identification of structural weaknesses that may affect operational decisions.