I-Site 8820

Long range laser scanner with integrated high resolution digital panoramic camera and survey workflow.

I-Site 8200

Versatile mid-range laser scanner for surface and underground survey applications.

I-Site Drive

Flexible, cost-effective solution for continuous laser scan survey and fast, accurate stockpile volumes.

I-Site Vehicle System

A ruggedised, shock absorbing system for mounting I‑Site laser scanners onto existing site vehicles.

Z+F Imager 5010C

Capture small areas in detail with great accuracy for forensic, industrial plant and underground survey.


I-Site Studio

Intuitive point cloud processing, modelling and analysis tools for mining and industrial survey.

I-Site Void

Modelling and CAD tools for calculating volumes between surfaces, within voids, and between solids.

I-Site Topo

Software tools for processing point cloud data for topographic survey and volume calculations.

I-Site Forensic

Dedicated tools to analyse laser scan data and deliver objective, reliable data for legal presentations.

Geotechnical Module

Tools for geologists and geotechnical engineers to analyse structures and surfaces to identify structural weaknesses.

Other Laser Scanning Solutions


An easy-to-use system for quickly comparing excavation against designs in the field to support operational efficiency.


An integrated spatial solution for tracking and monitoring surface movement in open cut mines and civil environments.