I-Site Laser Scanning and Civil

Accurate data collection and volume calculations are essential for managing civil and infrastructure projects. Capturing high resolution digital images at the same time as point cloud data, creates a permanent record of a scene for archiving, 3D modelling and analysis.

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Road Survey

Capture survey data of roads and surrounding scenes with I-Site laser scanners mounted on a tripod or vehicle. Vehicle-mounted scanning is safe and efficient, providing greater coverage over undulating ground.

Architectural Survey

Collect scene information in detail for heritage recording, tourism applications and reconstruction plans. Accurate digital models and photographs provide the basis for analysis and decision making.


Laser scanning is the ideal solution for surveying and modelling complex infrastructure.

Silo Monitoring

Safely collect accurate data for material volume calculations and modelling fill and empty patterns. I-Site laser scanners can be suspended over a precipice or through narrow openings using purpose-built hatch and stair rail mounts.

Ship Hold Monitoring

I-Site systems provide a reliable and safe solution for remote survey of enclosed spaces such as cargo holds. Specialised mount options and advanced software filtering tools streamline the workflow from data capture to results.

Dam Wall Monitoring

Safely survey dam walls from remote standoff. Stability analysis can be conducted on high resolution I-Site laser scans and accompanying digital imagery for natural materials. Track surface movements and analyse trends with Sentry laser-based monitoring system.