I-Site Forensic Solutions

Accurate data collection and accurate analysis and reporting tools are key requirements for Forensic applications. Working directly with laser scan data in 3D improves visualisation and understanding of the mapped scene. Animations can be used to visualise and present forensic scenes.

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Scene mapping and reconstruction

Capture survey data of accident, fire and crime scenes. Quickly and easily extract CAD drawings and floor plans of scenes. I-Site laser scanners can be mounted on a tripod or vehicle to accurately measure the surrounding topography. Vehicle-mounted scanning is safe and efficient, providing greater coverage over undulating ground.

Blood spatter analysis

Collect scene information in detail for modelling and recreating blood spatter scenes. Accurately render high resolution SLR photos onto laser scan of wall targets for accurate blood spatter extraction. Accurate digital models and photographs provide the basis for analysis and decision making.

Bullet trajectory analysis

Quickly create bullet trajectory cones for full analysis of these scenes. Create casing trajectories for reconstruction of scenes and easily animate, label and mark scenes for visualisation.

Interior space monitoring

I-Site systems provide a reliable and safe solution for remote survey of enclosed spaces. Specialised mount options and advanced software filtering tools streamline the workflow from data capture to results. With a 1-metre minimum range, full panoramic internal camera and zenith scanning, the I-Site LR3 is an ideal high accuracy scanner.