Versatile laser scanner for every survey task

Maptek I-Site 8200 Laser Scanner

Maptek I-Site 8200 laser scanners are designed to handle every survey task. This portable and versatile system is suited for underground drive mapping and above ground survey applications.

The I-Site 8200SR is more accurate and faster than most cavity survey systems. It can also be used for surface applications such as stockpile, shed and silo scanning. The I-Site 8200ER has a longer range at 750 metres and provides the best outcomes for mapping underground drives and tunnels as well as surface stockpiles. The I-Site 8200ER is also compatible with I-Site Drive for continuously acquiring data on a moving vehicle.

Maptek provides a totally integrated solution regardless of survey application. Software tools and hardware accessories are developed alongside the scanning equipment.

Streamlined survey workflow is built in to all I-Site laser scanning systems. A new back sighting capability allows users to triangulate three coordinated targets to accurately find the real world position of the scanner. Hardware accessories are designed to make underground survey tasks as efficient and easy as possible.


  • Versatile scanner for underground survey tasks
  • Fast, easy setup for underground stope scanning
  • Multiple back sight points for establishing real world location
  • Reliable, safe operation in challenging underground environment
  • Scans at any angle automatically levelled
  • Integrated software for fast results and accurate models
  • Scan drives, tunnels, stopes, stockpiles and silos with the one system
  • Pick up development headings and map faces and backs
  • Range of mount options for boom installation
  • Simple boom setup for void measurement
  • Survey solution with workflow built in


  • Accuracy +/- 6mm
  • 3D view of scan on tablet controller
  • Portable, weighs <12 kg
  • Rated to IP65 for reliable operation underground
  • Onboard, easy-to-use scan controls
  • USB scan storage for simple file transfer
  • Intuitive software for modelling laser scan data
  • Range of mounting kits for mobile scanning
  • Extendable 10m carbon fibre boom
  • Compatible with Sentry surface tracking
  • Compatible with I-Site Drive for continuous scanning

  • I-Site 8200SR
  • Range 500 metres
  • Scanning speed 40 kHz
  • Upgradable to I-Site 8200ER
  • I-Site 8200ER
  • Range 750 metres
  • Scanning speed 40 kHz, 80 kHz