Long range laser scanner

Modular design to suit your survey requirements

Maptek I-Site 8820 Laser Scanner

The Maptek I-Site 8820 laser scanning system combines rugged hardware and powerful modelling software with streamlined survey workflow. It enhances site safety and delivers accurate data for all survey applications, improving overall survey productivity.

The I-Site 8820 laser scanner offers increased range, acquisition speed, range accuracy and a new modular design. It provides a superior method of acquiring survey grade scan data.

Standard components include on-board controls, in-built compass and GPS. The modular design of the I-Site 8820 laser scanner allows configuration to match specific survey requirements.

The I-Site 8820 is the only laser scanner with a fully integrated digital camera, enabling simultaneous capture of 3D laser point clouds with overlaid photo pixels. It features an integrated GPS and digital compass. I-Site 8820 laser scanners can be ordered without the camera and telescope if they are not essential to your specific application.

Maptek I-Site 8000 series scanners are the only terrestrial laser scanners sealed to IP65 and ruggedised to withstand the tough mining environment.


  • Safety: Portable scanner for rapid remote survey in dangerous or inaccessible environments
  • Productivity: Built-in survey workflow, improving field efficiency and delivery of results
  • Proven: Rated to IP65 for environmental protection
  • Accuracy: Detailed 3D geological mapping and reliable volume calculations
  • Versatility: Short and long range scanning in one premium, easy to use instrument
  • Integration: Long range survey combined with digital imaging and modelling software
  • Flexibility: Multiple options for scan storage and scan management
  • Ruggedised: Exceptional temperature range for scanner storage and operation
  • Cost-effective: Compatible with I-Site Drive for continuous scanning


  • Laser scanner: Scan at 80Khz for ranges up to 2000 metres, with 80° vertical and 360° horizontal fields of view
  • Integrated digital camera: 70 mega pixel panoramic camera, with no calibration or alignment necessary
  • Ergonomic design: Developed for 1 person operation and field portability, all features are built in
  • Alignment telescope: Integrated, motorised survey grade telescope for backsighting
  • Built-in tools: Internal digital compass and integrated GPS further streamline infield survey
  • Wireless controller: Dedicated ruggedised controller for parameter definition, scan management and viewing

I-Site 8820 laser scanner - Built tough