I-Site Studio - Geotechnical Module

The I-Site Geotechnical module follows a simple intuitive workflow to allow geologists and geotechnical engineers to take control of the information they need to analyse structures and surfaces. By accessing data straight from the scan all the important detail is preserved and can be confidently used to identify areas of structural weakness that will affect mine planning and operational decisions.


  • Easy to use: Simple intuitive workflow
  • Dynamic platform: Full 3D visualisation for better understanding of structures
  • Time delay studies: Monitor and analyse surface change
  • Surface movement: Detect changes in surfaces and display rate of movement
  • Accuracte results: Work directly off point cloud for accurate results
  • Safety issues: Identify structural weaknesses and dominant trends
  • Risk management: Set threshold limits for alerts


  • Easy to use: Automatically colour facet networks based on dip or strike values of individual facets
  • Productive workflow: Automatic and manual extraction of discontinuities
  • Kinematic analysis: Full kinematic analysis for planar, wedge and toppling failures
  • Stereonet creation: Create stereonets and rose diagrams direct from 3D data
  • Specialised tools: Contour stereonet poles and create set windows to highlight areas of interest
  • Import/Export: Bring other data into stereonets for complete analysis; export common file formats
  • Customisable settings: Choose colour legends, angular divisions, gradations and measurement units for dynamic visualisation and highlighting change