I-Site Studio

Productive workflow and effective results from 3D laser scan data

Powerful, Flexible, Fast

Maptek I-Site Studio Software is an intuitive point cloud processing package. I-Site Studio is designed for mining, civil, geological and other surveying applications.

I-Site Studio 6 includes an extensive range of new and upgraded features and tools to quickly turn detailed datasets into easy to understand results. Download the latest release from the Maptek Users Area.

I-Site Studio 6 BrochureNew in I-Site Studio 6

What does I-Site Studio do?

  • Faster surveying for end of month
  • Accurate 3D stockpile models
  • Pre/Post blast analysis
  • Geological mapping
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Geotechnical analysis
  • Open pit tools
  • Process UAV data


  • Coordinate systems New tools
    Manage and define coordinate systems, including local mine grid coordinates, and easily transform data between systems
  • CAD New tools
    Create CAD design direct from 3D point cloud data - easily draft haul roads, ROM pad layouts, add strings for shadow zones in stockpiles, indicate directions, driving routes and safety zones
  • Survey workflows
    Create customised workflows for routine survey tasks. Share and adapt with team members to save time on data processing and analysis
  • Easy to use interface
    Intuitive workflows supported by drag and drop functionality, right click context menus and minimal data entry
  • Manage large data
    Level of Detail operates on point clouds and surfaces for quick loading and viewing of large datasets
  • Flexible registration options
    Effortlessly match surface features and register to survey stations
  • Powerful modelling tools
    Create accurate models using topographic, fusion, complex 3D and loop options.
  • Intuitive filtering options
    Filter data by dataset or individual points selected with intuitive freehand or polygonal lasso options
  • Specialised geotechnical module New tools
    Analyse structures and surfaces, identify dominant structures and trends and assess wider impact
  • Extensive analysis tools
    Efficiently analyse large datasets using query and visualisation tools such as colour scans by distance and section view mode
  • Global registration
    Streamlined interface with single step to register multiple scans and objects together. Automated registration tools for areas without sensor data, eg underground
  • Impressive presentation options
    Create animations from key frames and deliver professional quality, high fidelity digital video output
  • Share models in 3D
    Direct export to 3D PDF and universal 3D file formats to allow dynamic viewing of models
  • Customised language interface
    American English, modern Chinese, Spanish, German or Japanese language interface chosen automatically based on PC settings
  • Multiple data formats
    Work with CAD data, visualisation and modelling formats including DXF, DWG, CSV, 3DP, ZFS, las, E57 and PTX

Additional Modules:

  • Geotechnical Module
  • Customisable stereonet options; defining discontinuities dynamically via 3D view window
  • Revamped kinematic analysis for adding failure types, shading failure zones, drag-drop discontinuities onto slope orientation fields
  • Create a solid from a selection of discontinuities and surfaces to calculate the shape, size and volume of wedge failures
  • Calculate average spacing between discontinuities for statistical modelling
  • Waviness analysis for reporting on stability analysis
Geotechnical Module
  • Geological Module
  • Split surfaces, e.g. highwall face into separate facet networks
  • Extract portion of a surface based on a digitised boundary polygon
  • Apply uniform colour to a surface based on a digitised boundary polygon
  • Apply texture fill to surfaces per geological mapping to indicate rock types
  • Reporting Module
  • Volume reporting
    Summarise stockpile volumes by region and colour coding; attach photographs and other documentation before PDF export
  • Design conformance
    Compare design surface to as-built and other surfaces. PDF export of cross-sections and volumes showing variance between surfaces