Introducing I‑Site Studio 6

Get the best possible results out of your 3D point cloud data.

Maptek I‑Site Studio 6 provides surveyors with fast, accurate volumes, conformance reporting, geotechnical analysis and CAD drafting tools to process 3D point cloud data.


New Action Plane and CAD Tools in I‑Site Studio 6

New tools allow users to streamline everyday survey and engineering tasks by creating CAD design outlines direct from 3D point cloud data.


I‑Site Studio 6 Automated Registration

New automated scan registration options are ideal for aligning scans where sensor information such as GPS is absent.


I‑Site Studio 6 Complex 3D Surface Modelling

The new complex 3D surface modelling tool produces a 3D surface that honours the input point cloud.


I-Site Studio 6 New and Improved Query Tools

Users can easily and accurately query spot heights, measure gradients and export stockpile volumes for multiple regions with new Query tools.


I‑Site Studio 6 Geological Module

The Geological Module allows users to define geology directly from 3D point cloud data.


I‑Site Studio 6 Geotechnical Module

The Geotechnical Module includes enhanced functionality for analysing structures and surfaces.


I‑Site Studio 6 Reporting Modules

The Conformance and Volume Reporting modules streamline the creation of configurable reports.