Maptek PerfectDig

Maptek PerfectDig is an easy-to-use system for rapidly evaluating and supporting design conformance. It allows all stakeholders to quickly compare as-builts with designs in the field and fosters real-time decision making.

The augmented reality system cuts through the communication barriers between engineers, surveyors, supervisors and operators. Photo-realistic comparison can be made between site designs and excavation progress in real-time using 3D laser scanning technology.

PerfectDig presents enhanced photographs of the mine environment coloured with 3D design conformance information, enabling immediate, intuitive understanding. Users can choose what to view in the system simply by turning layers on and off. Results can be viewed using any web browser, without the need for specialised software.

PerfectDig is easy to use, as laser scan registration, photo correction and obstacle removal are all fully automated.

With PerfectDig, an excavation can be monitored as it progresses, a digital audit trail can be maintained, and adjustments can be identified to allow better conformance to design. This promotes efficient allocation of resources and results in improved wall stability and safety.

New in PerfectDig 1.2

PerfectDig 1.2 offers a more streamlined workflow. Users simply drive up to an area and click to scan. Scenes are automatically generated and registered. Another click to compare to designs with advanced tools for querying the captured scene. Cross-section, blockline and distance to design options help users easily measure and report volumes, depth and width of areas of mis-conformance. Simply specify data and region of interest to generated automated conformance reports for sharing. Reports can be viewed on mobile devices and shared with stakeholders via PerfectDig Online.

  • Conformance reporting: Automated professional reports in minutes
  • Customisable: Share snapshot links and conformance reports online
  • Measurement tools: Distance to design and two-point cross-section queries
  • Blockline support: Calculate and report volumes by blocks
  • Interactive queries: Mark up scenes in PerfectDig online before sharing

Conformance reporting in PerfectDig

Introducing PerfectDig

Introducing PerfectDig Online


  • Productivity: Adjust excavation before mistakes are made, increase mineral recovery
  • Minimise dilution: Cleaner excavation and reduced loss of ore to waste
  • Efficiency: Scan and view while excavation continues, no need to interrupt activities
  • Connectivity: Real-time conformance of designs to as-builts delivered to all involved
  • Integration: Laser survey data linked into mine planning
  • Accuracy: Accurate volumes and distance to design for reconciliation and contract management
  • Auditable: Capture digital history of processes and playback to understand errors
  • Staff safety: Reduce need for pegging out and minimise access to faces
  • Operational safety: Increase safety of highwalls/benches through improved wall stability
  • Management: Set thresholds for review of progress and better management of resource

Features and Capabilities

  • Flexibility: Shared interface, customisable layers, common web browsers supported
  • Visualisation: View conformance to designs in the field
  • Paperless: View results on smartphone, tablet or over organisation-wide network
  • Speed: Fast, accurate feedback
  • Intuitive: Interface is easy for anyone to use, providing continuous awareness and training
  • Automation: Lower potential for error with automatic scan registration
  • Publish: Easily push generated imagery to PerfectDig Online for sharing across operations

Case Studies

Daily Performance Reporting

PerfectDig brings together multiple technologies and philosophies to support real-time decision making and meet the daily mine design conformance challenge.

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Design conformance reporting

PerfectDig provides a fast, intuitive solution for reporting mining activity to help operations avoid issues arising from non-conformance.

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