Maptek Workbench

The Maptek Workbench is delivered as  single installation with Vulcan 10.1 and Eureka 4.0.

The Maptek Workbench is a dynamic architectural backbone that allows enhanced workflows and data sharing between Maptek products. Ultimately, all Maptek software applications will be accessed and run from the Workbench.

Vulcan Eureka


  • Build custom workflows incorporating any application run from the Workbench
  • Integrated text editor, spreadsheet, scripting and t-shell applications
  • Create toolbars, menus, command lists and shortcut keys, to suit work patterns
  • Dock and view multiple applications side-by-side as tiled or tied views
  • Thumbnail views of files and enhanced file search capabilities
  • Enhanced tooltips show summary and status information
  • Chronological log records creation, modification, renaming and deletion of file types
  • Multi-language support


  • Customisable interface: Create your own toolbars, menus, command lists and shortcut keys, to suit work work patterns
  • Maximise workspace: Work across monitors, auto-hide docked toolbar windows and arrange windows to maximise screen real estate.
  • Integrated solution: Single platform to access and seamlessly share data across all installed Maptek products.
  • Streamlined workflow: Easy access to everyday apps such as csv, t-shell and text editors to support design and modelling tasks.
  • Technical support: Monitor memory usage of client and server processes, as well as overall system memory and use information to help identify issues.