Vulcan Consulting

Maptek provides a full range of services to help Vulcan users optimise the operation of their mine throughout the entire mining life cycle.


Vulcan Explorer

With the help of Vulcan Consulting Services, you can view exploration data in 3D space to gain a better understanding of the geology for building orebody models. This is an invaluable step for all stakeholders involved in the project acquisition and feasibility stages of mining. Working in Maptek Vulcan from the very beginning of the mining life cycle plays a key role in improving mine performance and sustainability.

Site Implementation

Vulcan CAD

Maptek will work closely with clients to help them achieve an optimised return on their software investment. We develop an implementation plan for each site and are available to guide the rollout of software to site.

Geological Modelling and Evaluation

Vulcan SurveyorWork in the Maptek Vulcan dynamic 3D environment to evaluate your mine resource and generate accurate models in significant time savings. Vulcan Consulting can help you create models, as well as work with you to determine mine constraints and develop an effective mine model.

Grade Estimation

Vulcan Modeller

Maptek Vulcan provides access to simple techniques such as nearest neighbour, as well as powerful methods, including unfolding techniques and kriging tools for accurate grade estimation. Maptek can help you apply these tools to save time in estimating values into a block model.

Mine Planning and Optimisation

Vulcan Mine Planning

Vulcan Consulting will perform resource estimations, optimisations and pit designs efficiently and effectively. We can help you perform tasks such as site layouts, grade control, drainage planning, drill planning, interpreting, section plotting, block modelling, and pit optimisation and design.


Vulcan GIS Explorer

Maptek Vulcan Chronos Scheduler provides the tools to store, manipulate and report mine production information. Maptek can help clients easily investigate alternative schedule scenarios and determine key performance indicators for formulating and monitoring scheduling decisions.

Customised Applications

Open Pit Mine Modeller

Vulcan Consulting Services can create scripts to expand the capabilities of Maptek Vulcan and address client or site-specific needs, automate workflow for repetitive tasks and develop or modify functionality. Applications include real time monitoring, block model optimisation, data import/export and end of month reconciliations.