Graphics rendering issues with various versions of Windows OS

Maptek has become aware that Vulcan users running a range of Windows OS with various hardware may experience graphics rendering issues.

The issue is known to affect Vulcan 10.0.x users who are running Windows 10, and who have installed the KB3206632 or KB3205386 updates. It has also been detected by users running Windows 7.

The problem is acknowledged by Microsoft and a fix is still in development. Information around the Windows 10 updates Vulcan is not the only program affected.


The content of Envisage render windows may be corrupted. The image may fail to display, be distorted, or display old image data when options are run or other windows are selected.

This issue seems to affect all NVidia graphics cards tested by Maptek, including laptop and desktop Quadro and GeForce hardware, across all driver versions. Other graphics cards may be affected.


Maptek advises users to not install the latest Windows updates OR to remove them if they're already installed, until the issue is resolved.

The following temporary workarounds have proved successful in negating the rendering issues for Vulcan users:

  1. Avoid maximising the Maptek Workbench main window (i.e. size it manually to fill most of the screen)
  2. Undock render windows into their own floating windows
  3. Only have one monitor operating.

Maptek cannot guarantee this will resolve the issue in all cases, or that users won't be affected by issues in other programs.

If you continue to experience difficulties please contact your local Maptek support team

Maptek Support