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Discover the features of Maptek products in these overview videos. Learn ways to apply our solutions to benefit your operation.

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Introducing I-Site Drive

I-Site Drive continuously acquires data with recommended I-Site laser scanner mounted on a moving vehicle. (more…)


Watch webinars on various topics and learn about the latest solutions from Maptek subject matter experts.

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Webinar: Drillhole Planning Basics

March 23, 2017 - Wednesday, March 22, 10:30 AM (MST)

This webinar will explore the legacy options and new enhancements for planning drillholes in Vulcan 10. Holistically utilizing assay data, geologic solids, and resource models to get the most out of your drill programs.

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Training Videos

Uncover new ways to use Maptek products with these in-depth training videos. Master the latest techniques for efficient workflows.

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Maptek Video Tutorial – How to use Model Route Calculation in Vulcan Haulage Profile

This 20 minute tutorial explains how to use the Model Route Calculation function in Vulcan Haulage Profile.  (more…)

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Learn tips and tricks, discover new tools, and brush up on your skills in these short tutorials from Maptek experts.

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How to: Use Eureka and BlastLogic to validate the resource model and control the charge plan

Learn how to validate the resource model and control the charge plan using Eureka and BlastLogic.