Introducing Vulcan 10

Vulcan delivers an end-to-end solution for geological modelling, mine design, planning and scheduling needs across the mining lifecycle.

With new and improved capabilities for geological modelling, pit design, underground design and scheduling, large data visualisation and data analysis, Vulcan 10 delivers uncompromised performance that enables users to maximise efficiency and realise value.



  • Automated Pit Designer New
    Vulcan Automated Pit Designer is an open pit mine design tool for engineers to quickly iterate preliminary mine designs based on output from pit optimisation runs.
  • Vulcan Data Analyser New
    The new Vulcan Data Analyser provides enhanced functionality for variogram analysis, allowing users to gain a better understanding of their geological and analytical data.
  • Implicit Modelling
    Implicit Modelling in Vulcan 10 includes the additions of Uncertainty Modelling and Faulting, as well as Radial Basis Function estimation. Geologists will be able to choose an implicit modelling technique tailored to their deposit, or cross-reference results between techniques, leading to greater confidence in the final model.
  • Large Block Model Display
    Vulcan 10 allows users to visualise regular block models of hundreds of millions of blocks. This enhancement allows users to visualise their entire block model without sacrificing resolution or data quality.
  • Uniform Conditioning New
    Uniform Conditioning will be available as part of the Vulcan 10 upgrades to the GeostatModeller bundle.
  • Grade Control
    Grade control is the first application written in the new Maptek Workbench framework. Grade control in Vulcan 10 is more robust, streamlining data management and workflow.
  • Maptek Workbench New
    Vulcan 10 will be delivered within a new platform, the Maptek Workbench. The Maptek Workbench provides a new architectural backbone allowing enhanced workflows and data sharing between Maptek products. The Maptek Workbench also enables a free trial licence of core drillhole viewing and exploration tools in Maptek Eureka for Vulcan Modeller users.
  • Eureka Free Trial

    Eureka provides an interactive 3D environment for visualisation and modelling of exploration data including drilling, geophysical surveys, seismic surveys, maps and other imagery, and GIS data.

  • Interactive Block Planner New
    A new tool found in the Open Cut Design menu in Vulcan 10 is used to cut up a bench into mineable areas for short to medium term planning. The functionality allows for easier editing of blocks, visualisation of the block model, and ease of reporting.
  • Split Pit Solids New
    A new addition to the Open Pit menu presents a workflow-based approach to creating solids for scheduling in Vulcan Gantt Scheduler and Maptek Evolution. The Split Solids tool is found under the Open Pit > Pit Solids menu.
  • Additional Upgrades and Enhancements
    Vulcan 10 contains hundreds of enhancements and upgrades.