Vulcan 9.1

Vulcan 9.1 addresses the need for a single software package to seamlessly connect geological modelling, mine design and planning and scheduling.

With new and improved capabilities for geological modelling, pit optimisation, underground design and scheduling, enhancements to coal tools and an evolved graphics engine, Vulcan 9.1 delivers an end-to-end solution across the entire mining lifecycle.

Gantt Scheduler

Gantt Scheduler is a resource & activity based scheduling module. Create, sequence, allocate resources, animate scenarios, & report activities efficiently & transparently.

Level Designer

The Vulcan Level Designer creates complete underground level development with hundreds of crosscuts in minutes, saving hours of manual drafting time.

Implicit Modeller

Building on the Implicit Modelling tool in Vulcan 9, more complex settings can be modelled into domains, including faulted geometries and on-the-fly combinations of geological database codes.

Pit Optimiser

Pit optimisations are completed faster (minutes vs. hours) with improved analysis & visualisation tools. Likewise, users can run more scenarios with better visualisation tools in the same amount of time.

Coal/Stratigraphic Enhancements

Vulcan 9.1 contains several enhancements to mine design and stratigraphic modelling functionality.