Vulcan Coal/Stratigraphic Enhancements

Coal Mine Planning


  • Streamlined setup for multiple parameters and sequencing
  • Improved outputs include CSV for easier Excel setup
  • Ability to use projection angles to reserve across seams, reducing the time for setup and reserve multiple seams
  • Ability to use alternative input and output folders for surfaces in bench and batter reserves and use a surface to clip bench and batter reserves output solids

Grid Calc

  • Improvements for setting up modelling extents
  • Editable horizon lists and simplified mapfile creation
  • Improved grid masking
  • Enhanced colouring options and simplified querying


  • Range diagrams can be performed in Vulcan
  • Better visualisation tools and more control with range diagrams for more accurate and safe planning

Underground Coal

  • Improved Panel Layout design and naming options
  • Enhanced reporting to include extraction ratios, pillar area and extraction area

Stratigraphic Modelling and HARP Upgrades

New Hybrid modelling method

  • Combines best aspects of Stacking and Structural Surfaces techniques for integrated stratigraphic modelling while mitigating any limitations.

Data utilisation

  • Enhanced ability to trust boreholes that start or finish drilling inside a coal seam.

HARP Modelling

  • Allows stratigraphic block models to be used in pit optimisations.
  • Add-in qualities from grids much more quickly, appending additional information to a HARP model easily
  • Improved waste modelling between coal seams
  • Coal seam surfaces can be extracted from a HARP model automatically as a grid or triangulation for use in mine planning

Pit Shape definition

  • Simplified methods for determining highest/lowest surfaces

Reverse and normal faulting

  • Control complex faulting using the angle and throw to model displacement.

Multi plot batch mode

  • Develop multiple coal horizons with multiple qualities quickly and easily

Vulcan 9.1 Brochure

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